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Advanced Portfolio Management By Giuseppe A. Paleologo : Book Review

Advanced Portfolio Management By Giuseppe A. Paleologo : Book Review

Advanced Portfolio Management By Giuseppe A. Paleologo : Book Review. One of our favorite quant minds, Giuseppe A. Paleologo has written a fantastic new book entitled “Advanced Portfolio Management”.

It is a must read for any student of quantitative finance or practitioner. Furthermore, if you are the PM of a large book or just starting out, you will find a lot of practical use out of Giuseppe’s work!

Of course, don’t take our word for it. Moreover, read some of the reviews from some of the brightest brains on Wall Street today!

“As a seasoned risk management practitioner, Giuseppe knows that successful portfolio managers are able to incorporate risk management disciplines into their investment process. Furthermore, Giuseppe has brought together the key components of this in his book, Advanced Portfolio Management, in an easily digestible style that only he can do. I highly recommend this book for all portfolio managers who are looking to enhance their long-term performance.”

—Stephen Haratunian, Head of Enterprise Risk, Millennium

Hudson River Trading : Head of Risk Management

“The unique combination of Giuseppe’s insights as a practitioner combined with his deep quantitative savvy makes Advanced Portfolio Management a must-read for any current or aspiring professional investor who wants to have staying power and compete effectively in today’s challenging market environment.”

—Gustav Rydbeck, Partner and COO of Equities, Balyasny Asset Management

From the Back Cover

As measured by assets under management (AUM), the majority of equity investing is driven by fundamentals. Portfolio managers identify investment opportunities and translate them into portfolios. Furthermore, over the past 30 years, the industry has matured and become more sophisticated. In addition, one of the most crucial concepts in this maturation process has been factor modeling.

In Advanced Portfolio Management: A Quant’s Guide for Fundamental Investors. Moreover, renowned risk and finance expert Giuseppe Paleologo delivers an insightful and practical guide to turning your investment ideas and knowledge into profitable trades. The author introduces you to a framework for portfolio construction and risk management that is both theoretically grounded and market-tested by successful portfolio managers.

Hudson River Head of Risk, Fmr Citadel Dir of Risk, Fmr Millenium’s Head of Risk Dr. Gappy Paleologo

In this book, you’ll find simple and effective rules of thumb as well as sophisticated techniques that combine to help you overcome the challenges every investor faces as their portfolio grows in size and complexity. Whether you’re trying to separate stock-specific return drivers from the investment environment’s return drivers or measuring and decomposing risk, Advanced Portfolio Management shows you how to use the flexible framework of factor modeling for risk quantification, portfolio analysis, and portfolio construction.

Containing a quantitative appendix as well as more advanced material that will benefit quantitative researchers who are members of fundamental teams, this book will benefit you regardless of whether you have access to risk models or an advanced mathematical background.

Perfect for buy-side investors and analysts, Advanced Portfolio Management: A Quant’s Guide for Fundamental Investors is also an indispensable resource for portfolio managers seeking a powerful way for fundamental stock pickers to get an investment edge and beat the market on a regular basis.

About the Author

GIUSEPPE PALEOLOGO is the Head of Risk Management at Hudson River Trading. He has also held senior positions at Millennium, Citadel, Axioma, and IBM Research. He was formerly a mathematical researcher at Stanford. In addition an instructor in the master’s program in Financial Engineering at Cornell University.