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QuantVision 2024: Fordham’s Quantitative Conference

QuantVision 2024: Fordham’s Quantitative Conference

April 4th 2024 : Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business, Lincoln Center Campus

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The MSQF at Fordham Gabelli School of Business Conference Powered by Rebellion Research

08.30 – Registration 

08.50 – Opening Address from the Chairs: Director, MSQF Fordham Director, Professor Qing Sheng & Student Conference Chair Faruque Khan & Conference Host Rebellion Research CEO, Alexander Fleiss

08.55 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Encountering Real World Data!

Moderator: Sameer Gupta, Head of Data, Point72

Natalya Dmitriyeva, Global Head of Data Content at Schonfeld, Jonathan Berkow, Director of Data Science, Alliance Bernstein, Dr. Sudip Gupta, Associate Professor Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, Alex IzydorczykFounder & CEO Cybersyn, Samantha Mait, Manager, Equity Data Management, Balyasny Asset Management L.P.

09.35 – PANEL DISCUSSION: The Quantitative Investment Process

Moderator: Kathryn Zhao, Global Head of Electronic Trading, Cantor Fitzgerald

Mike Chen, Head of Alternative Alpha Research at Robeco, Chris Kelliher, Quant @ Fidelity & Director of BU’s Master’s in Math Finance & Financial Technology, Debarshi Basu, Managing Director, BlackRock, Head of Quantitative Research, Matthew Lyberg, Director, Quantitative Development Manulife, Patrick Dote Head of Research IntelligentCross

10.15 – PANEL DISCUSSION : Capturing Alpha & Quantitative Strategies & Global Outlook

Moderator: Dr Miquel Noguer i Alonso, Founder at Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute, Visiting Lecturer @ NYU Tandon

Stefano Pasquali Head of Liquidity & Trading research at BlackRock, Dr. Argyro (Iro) Tasitsiomi, Head of Investments Data Science at T. Rowe Price, Caio Natividade, Global Head Quantitative Investment Solutions Deutsche Bank, Jonathan Larkin, Managing Director, Columbia Investment Management Company

11:10 – Keynote Debate Rematch from MIT Ai & Quant: What is the Future of Data Science?

Moderator: Christina Qi, CEO Databento & Founder Domeyard LP

Tony Berkman, Managing Director, Two Sigma Vs. Carson Boneck Chief Data Officer, Balyasny Asset Management L.P.

11.45 – Keynote Debate: Reinforcement Learning Vs Deep Learning

Moderator: Stefan Jansen, Celebrated Artificial Intelligence Mind & Author

2022 Quant of the Year Dr. Igor Halperin Vs. Gordon Ritter Quant of the Year 2019


1.10Keynote Speech: Dr. Giuseppe Paleologo “A short list of research questions that keep me awake at night” Giuseppe Paleologo (constant gardener, future Balyasny, previously at HRT, Millennium, Citadel)

1.55 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding The Future of Machine Learning

Moderator: Dr. Amal Moussa, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

Raphael Douady, Research Professor, Sorbonne, Yin Luo, Vice Chairman, Wolfe Research, Nan Xiao, CTO, Greenland Capital Management, Dr. Elizabeth Pritchard, Chief Data & Analytics Officer Liberty Mutual, Judith Gu, Head Equities Quantitative Strategist, Scotiabank

2.30 – PANEL DISCUSSIONFuture of Data in Investing: NLP, Generative Ai, Synthetic Ai, Deep & Reinforced Learning

Moderator: Christina Qi, CEO Databento & Founder Domeyard LP

Francesco Fabozzi, Research Director of Yale’s International Center of Finance, Dr. Ioana Boier, Ai Expert, NVIDIA, Jonathan Chin, Co-Founder, Facteus, Amit Gandhi, Professor, Wharton Business School, Dr. Mike Chen, Head of Alternative Alpha Research Robeco

3.05 – Break

3.20 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Causality and interpretability in machine learning models

Moderator: Eren Kurshan, Head of AI/ML Research & Methodology, Morgan Stanley

Jae Ho Kim, Head of Risk Research at Point72, Harvey Stein, Two Sigma, Paul Krueger, Quant Trader @ Millenium, Dr. Ernest Chan, Founder, Inc, Stefan Jansen, Celebrated Artificial Intelligence Mind & Author

4.00 – Fireside Chat: Matthew Rothman, Millenium, Head of Statistical Arbitrage Strategies, MIT, Senior Lecturer & Evan Reich, Verition, Head of Data

4.30PANEL DISCUSSIONChanging Landscape of Investing

Moderator: Matt Rowe, Head of Portfolio Management @ Nomura Capital Management

Zach Squire, Hedge Fund Manager, Founder & CIO, Brevan Howard Tekmerion, Grange Johnson, CEO, FLJ Caapital, LLC, Malcolm Dorson, Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Emerging Markets Strategy, Mirae Asset & Global X, Brad Genser, Farther, Co-Founder & CTO, Kevin S Gahwyler, CFA, Managing Director, Meteora Capital, LLC, Pierce Crosby, General Manager @ TradingView | Founder @ M7, Drew Tarlow, Wildcat Capital

5.05Keynote: Garrett DeSimone, Head Quant, OptionMetrics

5.25PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Institutional Investing with AI

Moderator: Matthew Lyberg, Director, Quantitative Development Manulife

Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez, Head of Quantitative Research & Analysis at Miraltabank, Aziz Lookman, Data Scientist, Han Cui, Quant @ Fidelity, Manish Aurora, Hedge Fund Manager Rational Investing LLC, Sean Slotterback, Quant Portfolio Manager, Kbit

6.00 – FIRESIDE CHAT : Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Managing Partner, SkyBridge; Founder & Chairman, SALT

Moderator: Marshall Beard, COO, Gemini

6.45Conference Concludes!

no recording / no press / Chatham House Rule

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