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Why Invest?

Why Invest?

Rebellion Research is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence Investing and a leading AI based investment advisor. Here are eight reasons why you should invest with us today:


Rebellion’s Machine Learning covers data from 53 countries to provide global economic insight that has a track record of calling the Greek Debt Crisis & the Great Financial Crisis early.


Rebellion’s online brokerage accounts are available to be accessed 24/7 in 70+ countries

AI based investment advisor

Rebellion’s Global Equity strategy and AI based investment advisor has outperformed the S&P 500 & Global stock markets for 14 years


Rebellion was developing Deep Learning before it was even proven publicly by Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford. Rebellion’s CEO Alexander Fleiss teaches Machine Learning at a large number of graduate schools, Rebellion’s two other co-founders Jeremy Newton went on to work with Peter Thiel for a decade before becoming Blackrock’s Head of Systematic Trading. Spencer Greenberg, the third co-inventor of our ML is a noted mathematician and futurist.

Highly Liquid

Our smart index can be liquidated within seconds and your money wired out of your managed brokerage account within minutes. With 24/7 access to your account and the ability to link your brokerage account with your bank account, deposits and withdrawals can happen immediately. No hurdles, no lockup.

Why AI Based Investment Advisors?

Our technology allows us to process an extremely diverse set of information, basing its analysis on many hand-selected, macroeconomic, fundamental, technical and more traditional factors like growth, value, momentum, and etc. The A.I. uses its performance predictions along with knowledge of the volatility and interrelationships among stocks to create a portfolio that balances risk and expected return. This analysis, which typically defies even the largest team of analysts, is performed with scientific rigor transcending the pitfalls of human emotion. Bayesian statistics serve as the backbone of our artificial intelligence-based investment software, providing a flexible framework that enables us to automatically integrate the new data available each day with prior market knowledge in order to predict stock performance.

Why Rebellion?

Our firm was started by three mathematicians convinced they could find alpha by using machine learning for long-term Investing. The Machine Learning Investing system takes into account a diverse set of factors, ranging from economics covering 53 countries to individual stock prices, to create an optimized portfolio that beats the global equity markets. It took a few years to build and research, and development was our primary focus until 2007, when the system was ready to be tested live. This marked the birth of Rebellion Research.