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Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan 2024 Future of Finance Conference

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan 2024 Future of Finance Conference



08.30 – Registration 

08.50 – Opening Address from the Chairs: Director, Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan, Professor Victoria Averbukh & Conference Host Rebellion Research CEO, Alexander Fleiss

08.55 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Chat-GPT & The Future of Ai in Finance!

Moderator: Koren Picariello, Head of Generative AI Strategy and Execution Morgan Stanley

Nancy Davis Founder & Portfolio Manager Quadratic Capital Management LLC, Dr. Amal Moussa, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Yu Yu, Director of Data Science at BlackRock, Tony Berkman, Managing Director, Two Sigma, Samson Qian, Citadel

9.40 – PANEL DISCUSSION: The Quantitative Investment Process

Moderator: Lisa Schirf, Managing Director, Global Head of Data & Analytics, Tradeweb

Judith Gu, Head Quant, Scotia Bank, Sameer Gupta, Head of Data, Point72, Gordon Ritter, Hedge Fund Manager, Ritter Alpha LP, Zachary Squire, Managing Partner Brevan Howard Tekmerion, Dr. Gil Haddad, Head Of Investment Decision Science Fidelity Investments

10.25 – PANEL DISCUSSIONChanging Landscape of Investing

Moderator: Kathryn Zhao, Global Head of Electronic Trading, Cantor Fitzgerald

Christina Qi, CEO Databento & Founder Domeyard LP, Andrea Himmel, Chief Investment Officer, Himmel + Meringoff, Dana Strynadka, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, Samantha Lynch, Head of Strategy & Finance at Redesign Health, Jess Stauth, Chief Investment Officer – Systematic Equity, Fidelity

11.10PANEL DISCUSSION: Where Does Machine Learning Go From Here?

Moderator: Osho Jha, CEO dClimate & Arbol Co-founder

Dr. Ioana Boier, Ai Research, Nvidia, Ruchir Puri, Chief Scientist IBM Research, Dr. Igor Halperin, Ai Research, Fidelity

11.55 – The Current Research Focus of Cornell Financial Engineering Sasha Stoikov Head of Research Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan

12.10 – Lunch!

1:30 – Keynote Debate : Future of Data Science & Machine Learning

Claudia Perlich, Two Sigma Vs. Lisa Huang, Head of AI Investment Management and Planning, Fidelity

2:00 – Keynote Debate : Machine Learning vs Optimal Control

Andrew Chin, Head Quantitative Research & Chief Data Scientist Alliance Bernstein Vs. Peter Cotton Rebellion Research’s 2022 Book Of The Year Author ‘Microprediction: Building an Open AI Network’

2.30 – PANEL DISCUSSIONEncountering Real World Data Sets

Moderator: Eren Kurshan, Columbia Professor, Executive in residence – Princeton & Morgan Stanley Head of AI/ML Research & Methodology

Natalya Dmitriyeva, Global Head of Data Content at Schonfeld, Samantha Mait, Manager, Equity Data Management, Balyasny Asset Management L.P., Dr. Reyhan Ayas, Senior Economist Revelio Labs, Yale School Of Medicine Professor Jennifer Ellen Miller, Jae Ho Kim, Head of Research Cubist/Point72

 3.15 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding The Future of Natural Language Processing in the 21st Century

Moderator: Oxford Mathematician Milena Vuletic

Sahana Athreya, CFA, Millenium, Kelly Ye, Portfolio Manager, Decentral Park Capital, Professor Andreea Minca, Cornell University, Natascha Hey, Capital Fund Management, Richard Peterson, CEO, MarketPsych(division of London Stock Exchange)

4.00 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Interpreting Data

Moderator: Christina Qi, CEO Databento & Founder Domeyard LP

Sharon Asaf, Director of Global Climate Risk, Citibank, Dr. Tara Maller, McKinsey & Co. Risk & Policy, Nan Xiao, CTO, Greenland Capital Management, Professor Vivian Fang, Indiana Kelley, Dr. Joseph Simonian, Senior Investment Strategist, Scientific Beta

4.45PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Systematic Credit Trading : Quant Credit and Quant Equity – Are we all going the factor zoo way?

Dr. Riti Samanta Systematic, Multi Sector Fixed Income Portfolio Manager & Lead Strategist GMO

5.50Conference Concludes!