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Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan & Rebellion Research 2023 Future of Finance Conference


Verizon Center at Cornell Tech (2 West Loop Road is the same address for the Bloomberg Center) Roosevelt Island, NYC


08.30 – Registration 

08.50 – Opening Address from the Chairs: Director, Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan, Professor Victoria Averbukh & Conference Host Rebellion Research CEO, Alexander Fleiss

08.55 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Chat-GPT & The Future of Ai in Finance!

Moderator: Tony Berkman, Managing Director, Two Sigma

Nancy Davis Founder & Portfolio Manager Quadratic Capital Management LLC, Dr. Amal Moussa, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Dr. Harvey Stein, Two Sigma, Yu Yu, Director of Data Science at BlackRock, Lisa Schirf, Managing Director, Global Head of Data & Analytics, Tradeweb

09.35 – PANEL DISCUSSION: The Quantitative Investment Process

Moderator: Andrew Chin, Head of Quantitative Research and Chief Data Scientist, Alliance Bernstein, Adjunct Professor, Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan

Jess Stauth, Chief Investment Officer – Systematic Equity, Fidelity, Judith Gu, Head Quant, Scotia Bank, Professor of Finance Jim Liew, Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Gregory Pelts, Director, Global Analytics & Financial Engineering, Scotiabank, Zach Squire, CIO Tekmerion, fmr Bridgewater Investor, Member of “Ray’s Team”

10.15 – PANEL DISCUSSIONChanging Landscape of Investing

Moderator: Kathryn Zhao, Global Head of Electronic Trading, Cantor Fitzgerald

Henion & Walsh Asset Management President & CIO Kevin Mahn, Christina Qi, CEO Databento & Founder Domeyard LP, Perry Boyle, fmr Senior Partner, Point72, Andrei Kirilenko, Professor of Finance, Director of the PhD Programme, Founding Director, Centre for Finance, Technology and Regulation at Cambridge University Judge Business School, Andrea Himmel, Chief Investment Officer, Himmel + Meringoff, Alex Izydorczyk, Founder & CEO Cybersyn

11:10 – Keynote Debate : Future of Data Science & Machine Learning

Claudia Perlich, Two Sigma Vs. Lisa Huang, Head of AI Investment Management and Planning, Fidelity

11.40 – PANEL DISCUSSIONEncountering Real World Data Sets

Moderator: Sameer Gupta, Head of Data, Point72

Natalya Dmitriyeva, Global Head of Data Content at Schonfeld, Ethan Geismar, Head of US Data Strategy – Equity Research, Jefferies, Han Cui, Quant Researcher, Fidelity, Samantha Mait, Manager, Equity Data Management, Balyasny Asset Management L.P.,  Vasily Strela, Global Head of FICC Quantitative Strategies at RBC Capital Markets, Dr. Reyhan Ayas, Senior Economist Revelio Labs

12.15 – Lunch

1.00 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding The Future of Natural Language Processing in the 21st Century

Moderator: Sasha Stoikov, Head of Research, Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan

Petter Kolm, NYU MFE Director, Francesco Fabozzi, Research Director of Yale’s International Center of Finance, Rohit Singh, MIT Research Scientist, Minh Trinh, Artificial Intelligence Author

1.45 – Keynote Debate:  Ai Vs Markowitz

Gordon Ritter, Quant of the Year 2019, Hedge Fund Manager, Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor, Baruch College, NYU Courant Institute, Columbia Mathematics of Finance, Booth UChicago


Joseph Simonian, Senior Investment Strategist, Scientific Beta, Editor of Journal of Portfolio Management, Editor of Journal of Financial Data Science

Moderated by Dr Miquel Noguer i Alonso, Founder, Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute

2.20 – Break

2.30 – PANEL DISCUSSION : Capturing Alpha & Quantitative Strategies & Global Outlook

Moderator: Michael Recce, Alpha ROC CEO & fmr Point72, Neuberger Berman & Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund Chief Data Scientist

Sudip Gupta, Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Arun Verma, Head of Quantitative Research Solutions at Bloomberg, LP, Dr Miquel Noguer i Alonso, Founder, Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute, Abhi Kane, Managing Director, Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC, Fmr Head of Investment Research, Skybridge Capital, Caio Natividade, Global Head Quantitative Investment Solutions Deutsche Bank

3.05 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Deep Learning vs Reinforcement Learning vs Causality in Finance

Moderator: Giuseppe Paleologo, Head Of Risk Management at Hudson River Trading

Professor Andreea Minca, Cornell University, Jae Ho Kim, Head of Risk Research at Point72, Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez, Head of Quantitative Research & Analysis at Miraltabank, Aziz Lookman, Two Sigma, Dr. Yevgeniy Vahlis, Former Head of BMO Ai Labs & CEO of Shakudo

3.40 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Data : Ethics, Due Diligence, Value

Moderator: Sharon Asaf, Director of Global Climate Risk, Citibank

Yury Dubrovsky, CFA, Lazard, Chief Risk Officer / Head of Quant Analysis, Professor Amit Gandhi, Wharton School of Business, Professor Dan Liebau, Singapore Management University, Justin Heller, Chief Data Officer, Synchrony Financial

4.20 – Keynote Debate: Machine Learning in Finance Vs Micropredictions

Igor Halperin, Fidelity Vs Peter Cotton, InTech Investment Management

Moderator: Christina Qi, CEO Databento & Founder Domeyard LP

4.55 – Closing Panel: Near Term Future of Finance & ChatGPT: The Intersection of Consumer / Retail & Global Data Management & Usefulness.

Moderator: Ruchir Puri, IBM Research Chief Scientist

Osho Jha, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Arbol Inc., Professor of Finance Jim Liew, Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Jonathan Larkin, Managing Director, Columbia Investment Management Company, Jeremy Baksht, Entrepreneur, Shaper Capital, Daniel Newman, Systematic Investor, Bridgewater Associates

5.35Conference Concludes!

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“As an aspiring professional in the field of Quantitative Finance, I had the privilege of attending the Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan & Rebellion Research 2023 Future of Finance Conference. Thank you Alexander Fleiss and Professor Victoria Averbukh Kulikov, for putting together this deeply insightful event.
The panel discussion shed light on the dynamic landscape of AI in finance, emphasizing its potential to bring about profound changes in risk management and trading strategies. As we delved into the quantitative investment process, I gained a deep understanding of the pivotal role data-driven decision-making plays in the world of investments. Furthermore, the exploration of the future of Natural Language Processing and Language Model Models left me intrigued by the way financial data interaction is evolving, unveiling a realm of exciting new possibilities for analysis.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, distinguished speakers, and fellow participants for collectively making this conference an exceptional and enlightening experience. I am sincerely grateful for the invaluable opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals whose work I have admired over the years. The promising future of finance, as explored throughout this event, has left me deeply inspired and eager to contribute to the exciting journey that lies ahead.
The conference as a whole was a testament to the boundless potential of the investment industry, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I am looking forward to incorporating the insights and knowledge gained today into my future endeavors.”

Abhisu JainAbhisu Jain M.S. Mathematical Finance Class of 24′ at Boston University

I attended the Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan & Rebellion Research 2023 Future of Finance Comference.

The conference was a fantastic learning experience, packed with insightful sessions on the latest trends and innovations in financial engineering. It’s always inspiring to connect with professionals who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of finance and data.

I got an opportunity to meet Christina Qi, CEO of Databento, and learnt more about her inspirational journey. “To start” is the key to everything, is one of my greatest takeaways, thank you for all the advices.

I also learnt about Tradeweb which is a leading global operator of electronic marketplaces for the fixed income segment. Thank you Dina Xu for all the information.

A big shoutout to the organizers Alexander Fleiss for putting together such a valuable event. Looking forward to applying the knowledge gained to drive innovation in the world of finance!”

Sagar Chheda Rutgers Business School

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan & Rebellion Research 2023 Future of Finance Conference

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