WKHS Stock

WKHS Stock

When is the time to consider this EV player whose seen a loss of 95% of their peak value in the past 24 months?

Workhorse was once flying high with a gigantic multi-billion dollar contract with the postal service. Now it sees a stock price of less than $3 per share. Moreover, the valuation of Workhorse is less than $500 million. And you have a pipeline of sales and products. In addition, you have no more debt. Workhorse extinguished the last of their debt and paid it off over the past few quarters. As a result, you have a cash rich EV player. With a bright future. But, you also have a new and serious management team. Laser focused on creating products that sell. Not on endless research and development.

Will WKHS Stock be a jewel in the rough? We shall see.

When you look at Tesla and Rivian. And much of Workhorse’s competition. You find what could be a stock with huge potential. Especially if a few more contracts become added to Workhorse’s inventory of back log orders.

Plus, we really like this new CEO!

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