Winklevoss Twins & Alexander Fleiss On Bitcoin

Winklevoss Twins

Winklevoss Twins & Alexander Fleiss On Bitcoin. Two of the greatest investors of the last 20 years. Moreover, these two individuals were at the forefront of:

Social Media! Through founding ConnectU & hiring Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg!


Cryptocurrency! As a result of founding Gemini. In addition professing Bitcoin’s amazing value at just $12 per coin.

Furthermore, the Winklevoss Twins represent American Capitalism at its finest. Capitalists who “put their money where their mouth was”! And, in addition, put their energy, mental energy and commitment towards these technologies.

Not only have the Winklevoss Twins profited handsomely. But, they worked tirelessly to educate the world. They did not seek to keep their ideas and endeavors silent.

Now in 2022 the Winklevoss Twins represent dreams and heroes to much of America.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the twins for their gracious participation in our learning series. Lastly, we hope all of our viewers will follow Cameron and Tyler on Social Media. So that they can learn from these two awesome Americans, Captialits & Icons.

However, Larry Summers must be feeling quite foolish after berating the Twins for believing in Facebook. Just because you are a Treasury Secretary, doesn’t make you always right!

Winklevoss Twins & Alexander Fleiss On Bitcoin