Why The Metaverse Is the Future of Gaming

Why The Metaverse Is the Future of Gaming


What game are you playing right now?

Are you on the grand-daddy of war games, Call of Duty: Warzone? Are you more inclined to the sandbox variety like Minecraft? You may be the action-adventure kind and are willing to part with a few bucks to play Grand Theft Auto V. 

The truth is there are over 3.22 billion gamers in the world today. So, half of the human population is casually dipping in and out of a game. Data shows that video gaming generates more revenue than Hollywood and the music industry combined.

Much of this revenue is due to factors like the rise in social and casual gaming. Most gamers agree that while movie plots have become too predictable over time, gaming has become more adept at storytelling. Secure that WoW 400+ ilvl gear and spend time in an immersive new world completely diverse from your mundane life. 

The growth of the value of in-game assets

But one of the most impressive outcomes of the gaming movement is the growing value of in-game assets. Players invest significant time and effort into acquiring or developing in-game assets like the formidable WoW 400+ ilvl gear. 

For instance, the World of Warcraft has thousands of in-game items. However, its history is rich in lore of low drop rates for some rare items like the Big Love Rocket. For instance, to earn Teebu’s Blazing Longsword, you would have to pickpocket a lockbox from heroic dungeons and have excellent character bonuses and buffs in the form of Consumes. 

Another good illustration is EVE Online’s battleships that cost as much as second-hand Toyota. Today, a titan could cost over 250 billion EVE ISK to create, which translates to close to $5,000.

So, Players who are skilled traders or have invested a lot of time or real money can accumulate immense wealth in gaming accounts. The growing value of in-game assets is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon driven by scarcity, demand, player investment, market dynamics, cross-platform integration, esports, and cultural influence. As gaming continues to evolve, the value of in-game assets will continue to grow as the number of gamers grows worldwide. 

Why gamers should embrace the Metaverse concept

So, let’s say that you are the OG and have that coveted mythic gear. You may have visited trusted safe sites like Eldorado for WoW gear boosting services. Here, you do not have to kill all 12 Ny’alotha by yourself. Let the experts do it for you and earn that mythic full gear at a fraction of the time as you enrich your account simultaneously.

Unfortunately, you cannot trade that WoW gear or $10,000 spaceship for real-world money. Developer-driven economies primarily focus on monetization rather than a balanced gaming experience. They have a “nickel-and-dime” approach, making the player the worker and the developer the sole beneficiary.  

In contrast, blockchain-driven metaverse games give players true ownership of in-game assets. These assets are recorded on a blockchain, giving players verifiable ownership and control. Players can buy, sell, and trade assets within and outside the game.

Metaverse blockchain games are also player-driven economies where users have significant influence over the value of assets. These dynamic and engaging marketplaces can ensure you earn real-world income from valuable in-game assets like the WoW 400+ ilvl gear. You can sell valuable in-game assets for cryptocurrencies, which can be converted into traditional fiat currency and build a dream house or buy a car in the real world. However, the metaverse concept is still in its formative stages, and we can only hope that empowering and exemplary concepts increase the gaming world.

Why The Metaverse Is the Future of Gaming