Why is NFT good for gaming?

Why is NFT good for gaming?

So far the application of NFT’s for video games has been fairly simple.

Moreover, NFT games allow users to earn money as they play. Many vidoe game producers are looking into mashing up video games with finance. Or as some are calling it GameFi! Furthermore, these games use NFTs. Which are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain. As a result, gamers can sell in games to other collectors and players.

But what about an application that can turn ANY NFT into a video game player? From Mario to FIFA. Imagine fighting evil or playing sports with your very own NFT, Irregardless of the game? This is an idea brewing interest!

Enhance your NFT with the ultimate Web3 utility; interoperability!

Footprint-io is a service that enables NFTs to be used in video games as skins, shared on Twitter natively and as an avatar in every metaverse. Created by a Rebellion Researcher from MIT, this idea could have global acceptance?

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Users: Our machine learning technology will enable an open, interoperable gaming experience. Furthermore, gamers can use their Footprints as skins in every one of our partner games. Buy, sell, trade and rent your skins with other users, using our decentralized protocol. 

Network Effects: As we partner up with more games, the utility of each Footprint grows causing more people to see your brand. This causes more demand for Footprints, and more games want to join the network!

Scale: Sell Footprints from your collection to other gamers, artists and degens in the network! 

Partnerships: Brands can seamlessly rent your Footprint for sponsorship in Metaverse events

Games: Can tokenize their own skins as Footprints. Moreover, giving current owners the Footprint and enabling integration with the rest of the network.

Lastly: Arm the Rebels. Storm the Castle. Leave your Footprint.

Why is NFT good for gaming?

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