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Why Filtered Water Is Better for Anti-Aging Effects

Why Filtered Water Is Better for Anti-Aging Effects


A 2022 survey showed that 77% of Americans would filter their water at home. This figure represented an increase in individuals preferring filtered water compared to previous years, likely due to factors like contaminant concerns, post-COVID-19 behavior shifts, and trust in water quality.

The Toro waterfall is 110 meters high and located in one of the wettest areas of the country and on the planet. The area receives over 6000 mm of rain per year and is home to a number of Costa Rica’s hydroelectric power plants.

However, there may be another reason for you to consider installing a water filtration system at home: maintaining a youthful look.

Why Filtered Water Is Better for Anti-Aging Effects

Suppose you’re in your mid-40s and planning to install a water filter in your house. Does drinking filtered water contribute to keeping yourself looking young? How does filtered water help slow down aging?

This article discusses why people may consider installing a water filtration system and taking advantage of filtered water’s purported anti-aging effects.

This article also explains how filtered water works to help slow down the aging process.

Water filtration involves removing or reducing particulate matter like suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other contaminants. Doing so helps produce clean water safe for drinking and medical and pharmaceutical purposes. If you’re experiencing stomach pain due to ingestion of unfiltered water, your doctor may recommend an abdominal scan to identify the underlying cause.

If you aim to maintain a healthy and youthful look, consider getting a water filtration system in your home to help with your goal.

Even individuals who have undergone facial plastic surgery may benefit from drinking filtered water. Supporting physical health while maintaining plastic surgery outcomes requires plenty of water, nutritious foods, and supplements.

Learning how filtered water provides these benefits can help homeowners decide whether installing a water filtration system in their homes is the right solution for their needs.

Why filtered water is great for keeping yourself young-looking

You’ve probably read about the benefits of filtered water in your home: cleaner cooking, delicious drinking experience, easier laundry use, and stronger pipes. But if you are health- and beauty-conscious and want young-looking skin, filtered water can also be great for you.

Visiting your dermatologist can help keep your skin looking young and healthy. But having a water filtration system installed in your home to access easily filtered water for drinking and cleaning may also help you achieve that goal.

Drinking filtered water can help keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. A radiant appearance is one of the characteristics of youthful skin.

Water also helps reduce wrinkles, prevent acne, reduce swelling or puffiness, maintain skin elasticity, and tighten your skin to prevent sagging.

Aside from drinking filtered water, you can also use it for rinsing your body and face after cleansing. This process helps remove any makeup, residual dirt, or oil that can clog your pores.

Clogged pores typically occur due to a buildup of oil, dirt, or dead skin cells. If you don’t manage your clogged pores, the accumulation of dirt and oil can lead to acne (a skin condition that can cause pimples).

Acne is a skin condition caused by excess oil (sebum) production, bacteria, and inflammation. Sebum, a sticky, oily substance your body produces, consists of waxes, fat molecules, and squalene (a saturated oil used as a moisturizer). Ensuring that you clean yourself and stay hydrated are some ways to help address acne.

Why Filtered Water Is Better for Anti-Aging Effects

Meanwhile, for clogged pores, one method to manage them is by washing your face twice daily using a non-comedogenic cleanser and warm water. Non-comedogenic products contain ingredients that do not block or clog pores.

Filtered water may also work well for your skin because it has no chemical or biological contaminants, making it safe and clean.

How filtered water helps slow down the aging process

People age, but premature aging can cause you to appear older than you should. The causes of this condition include lifestyle and environmental factors. Common signs usually appear in your skin as wrinkles, age spots, dryness, and loss of skin tone.

Some ways to manage premature aging include making lifestyle changes and addressing these skin conditions. Drinking filtered water, staying hydrated, and keeping yourself free from toxins can help you achieve these goals.

Hydration helps tighten your skin, especially around the jawline, arms, legs, and stomach, making your skin more elastic. Improving your skin’s elasticity can address sagging due to weight loss or aging.

Drinking plenty of water also helps your digestive system remove toxins from your body to improve your skin’s complexion. Additionally, drinking two cups of water may help improve blood flow to the skin and even out the skin’s complexion and tone.

If you’re trying to lose weight as part of your regimen to appear young-looking, consider drinking filtered water. Water does not contain calories, so it can help manage your body weight and reduce calorie intake by substituting for calorie-filled drinks like soda or sweet tea.

Maintaining a suitable pH (potential of hydrogen) balance in your skin is also essential to achieve a youthful look.

A pH of 7 is considered neutral; anything below is acidic, and anything above is alkaline. Experts say the skin has a pH level between 4.7 and 5.75, meaning the skin’s natural pH is somewhat acidic.

Using filtered water can help balance the pH levels in the water to improve your skin’s health. So if you want to maintain your skin’s natural pH level, drinking or washing your skin with filtered water may help.

If staying healthy and maintaining a youthful look despite your age is your goal, consider installing a high-quality water filtration system in your home today. 


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Why Filtered Water Is Better for Anti-Aging Effects