Why does Putin want to invade Ukraine?

Why does Putin want to invade Ukraine? Let’s look at it another way.  New York State produces more GDP income than the whole of Russia.

Russia’s main exports are gas, foodstuffs and oil. 

However, the world is moving into renewable energy, electric vehicles and greener alternatives. This may not affect Russia in the short term but it certainly will in the long term.  

Russia has no discernible expertise in consumer goods (would you buy a Russian washing machine, car, microwave etc.?) – it only has expertise in weapon systems (tanks, planes, missiles) which it sells on to usually 3rd world countries.  A few companies control much of each major industry. Informal monopolies with backing from the Kremlin.

So a long term picture for Russia is increasingly bleak from an economic standpoint.  

What it can do is aim to destabilize regions across the world which leads to…more arms sales and…more stock market fluctuations which include…higher gas and oil prices.  

As a short-term fix it works for Russia – sanctions will not hurt them short term but as the economy dries up then more pressure is put on Putin.  

Strength of Russian Military

Fall of Afghanistan

Lastly, how do you deflect negative feelings by the populace…do what Reagan, Bush and many other US presidents have done and start a conflict somewhere.  

Approval rates rise, people forget their day-to-day woes as they focus on the brace troops fighting on some foreign field.  

Why does Putin want to invade Ukraine?