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Why do you need professional branding? 7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional To Help With Your Brand

Why do you need professional branding? 7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional To Help With Your Brand


You plan to start an online business but do not know how things work. You struggle to come up with a brand name and a logo for your business, but all your efforts go in vain. Therefore, you must consult a branding expert to initiate your business.

According to a study, almost 90% of ecommerce businesses fail in the first four months because of poor marketing. That includes irrelevant brand image, inconsistency in brand activities, and lack of business knowledge.

So, you must hire a professional to help with your branding name and design.

What is a Brand?

A brand is a unique identity of your business that differentiates you from your competitors. It could be a name, a product, a service, a theme, or even a slogan. Most of the time, business owners set a brand name that helps people to know about their existence.

However, only awareness is not enough. You must be consistent in making your brand stand out in the industry.

For example, Nike began as an athletic footwear company that targeted sports lovers. Later into the business as well, Nike remained consistent, collaborated with top-notch athletes, and became a global brand.

You can now find sports apparel and equipment in Nike’s official stores that deliver a quality experience. We would have no problem recollecting names of brands that did a similar job and became successful.  That is the power of branding.

Importance of Professional Branding for Your Business

You already know there are over millions of businesses in the online market, but only a few of them are performing up to the mark. Why?

Successful businesses have unique brand logos and names that the customers remember even without buying their product or service. Consistently, those businesses filter their audience, find potential customers, and win their customers’ trust by offering them value.

These businesses also use professional branding to stay as market leaders.

So, let’s look at the following reasons why you need a professional to help with your brand.

Brand Name Suggestion

A brand name and logo is the primary identity of your business. Your business’s brand name is a representation of you in the market. It represents the values you stand for as a business and the trust people can place in your services and products.  So, it is prudent to seek the advice of a branding expert who helps you identify your business’s core values, vision, and products or services to suggest multiple brand names that resonate with your business.

You have to choose one branding name because you are the decision-maker of your company.

Remember the following points while naming your brand:

  • Easy for people – Brands names that are easy to pronounce are also easy to remember.
  • Relevancy – Brand names depict the company’s offerings. So, they must be relevant to your business.
  • Extendible – The branding name must be extendible if you modify your business’s core product, service, or value.

You must follow the same criteria while creating brand logos for your business.

Branding Design

A branding design refers to the brand logo, color, theme, typography, and visual elements that correlate with them. The design of your brand must be unique and stand out from your competitors, as customers recognize a brand by its design.

Since not all of us will know how to design our own brand logo and other elements, a branding expert will be of immense help.

A team of logo designers will create multiple brand logos that reflect the suggested brand names. One brand manager might interview you about your business and what you offer. Your answers will help the designers create a relevant and sound logo.

The branding design can be as simple as a checkmark like Nike. That means you can imitate concepts, not copy them to design your brand logo.  Copying will cost you dearly and is not an ethical practice to promote your brand.

Brand Image Creation

A branding professional helps you create a brand image. What does that mean?

A brand image is the perception of your brand by potential customers. It’s a set of beliefs, ideas, and opinions that your customers have in their minds about what your business stands for.

That might drag things toward psychology but don’t worry because the branding professional will help you with that.

Brand names and logos create a brand personality for your business. Since people don’t know what you actually offer, they will only remember your brand name. Now you have to do research and filter only the interested target audience who can become your potential customers.

Once you recognize a group of people who are aware of your brand, you can create a brand image accordingly. That requires a lot of research because each customer might have a different perception of your brand in their brands.

So, the professional you hire for branding will make a strategy you must follow to create an impeccable brand image.

Consistent Marketing Campaign

Creating a brand name and logo is just a part of starting a business. Since you have stepped into the market with a brand identity, you must stay consistent in your marketing campaigns. Otherwise, you will become an example of those 90% failed businesses due to inconsistency.

After brand naming and logo designing, you must align your offerings with the trend. You can do that by:

  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Becoming active on social media platforms
  • Interacting with your target audience

To help you with your marketing efforts Renderforest provides an online suite of creative tools for making attractive videos, animations, logo maker, mockups, websites, and business name generator. The platform is easy to use and employs advanced features, making it possible for people and companies to produce high-quality content without significant design or technical knowledge. Additionally, Renderforest offers various customizable graphics and templates that users can use to create unique content in minutes.

However, you must filter only potential customers and modify your marketing campaign according to their needs. Only then will you acquire their trust and enhance brand equity.

Value Addition to Your Business

A branding professional adds value to your business through brand naming and branding design. These two basic elements of your business become your asset once you register them in the business directory.

Remember that brand names exchange values with your customers apart from buying and selling products and services. Therefore, value creation begins with how brands are built and brand archetypes.

When customers perceive value by buying your product or service, they return loyalty as the returned value. So, your business gets a loyal customer base.

Similarly, brand names and logos spread awareness of businesses wherever you want. In addition, you can use digital marketing tools to create a brand image in the desired online communities like Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

Many business owners focus on selling their products and services to earn revenue. They barely consider providing value to their customers, which eventually costs them sustainability in the market.

Profit earning should be a part of your business process, not the core purpose. That’s why a branding expert will help you add value to your business to sustain it in the market.

Targeting Potential Clients

Your business can reach a global audience by brand naming and branding design, but that will not benefit you. Why?

You can sell your products and services to only potential clients, not to everyone. So, a professional branding service can help you find who the potential clients are. That’s a long process because it takes time to identify what target audience has the potential to become your customers.

When finding potential customers, your brand image plays an important role. The reputation of your brand is directly related to brand equity.

For example, if people think highly of your brand, your brand equity is positive, and vice versa. So, to keep brand equity positive, you must first realize the brand image of your business.

After that, the branding professional will help you target only potential clients to boost your business.

The exchange of values during the trade helps you create a positive brand personality when your customers begin returning values to your business, like loyalty. That increases the customer retention rate, which means the customers will keep buying your products and services in the future.  In short, you build patronage that guarantees you word-of-mouth advert as well.

Business Extension

Some businesses modify their core values and offerings after spending years in the market. That might affect their brand image because it’s difficult to align new offerings with the old ones.

But a branding professional will help you extend your business values and offerings by making a sound strategy from the beginning. How?

The branding name and brand design you opt for must be extendible. Of course, you might not know in the beginning whether your brand is extendible or not. But once you need to extend that, the professional will extend your brand personality by making the necessary modifications.

For example, Blue Ribbon Sports was the first name of Nike. All of us, however, recognize it and adore it by the name Nike.  The transition was possible with the help of branding professionals.

The need for business extension might occur due to the following reasons:

  • Adding products or services
  • Changing business core values
  • Legal requirements

Sometimes, you never know that the branding name you chose already exists. Therefore, you must change it before the authority penalizes you for imitating a trademark.

The research team’s responsibility is to find out whether a branding design or name already exists. Again, you can get help from competitors just to grab a concept. Beyond that might be an offense.

Final Words

Every business has a brand identity that a brand and logo display. These two elements are your business’s primary assets; without them, your audience will not know you.

Therefore, get help from a branding professional and create a powerful brand identity to sustain in the business market.

Once you are able to attract customers and retain them, the journey toward successful market promotions and sales becomes a lot easier.  The brand name, logo, design, and easy recall of all this, along with the values your business stands for, are the pillars on which a successful business is built.


Why do you need professional branding? 7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional To Help With Your Brand