Why do we import oil from Russia?

An Op-Ed

Why do we import oil from Russia? How can we refuse a pipeline from Canada, but take a murdering dictator’s oil?

The green’s phobia over nations exploiting their own energy resources is the greatest NIMBY delusion ever. They are all for shutting down energy access in their own countries. As long as those needs are satisfied by someone else. Especially if it is some third world “sh+t hole” country populated by expendable people. Moreover, often children labor for the elements required in batteries.

Fall of Afghanistan

“Clean” electric cars are a perfect example of “not in my back yard” thinking. The ‘greenies’ wan to shut down dirty oil production in their countries. But are all for strip mining for rare earth materials and child labor used in the process. Never mind that a huge percentage of the “clean” electricity powering their virtue signaling Tesla’s requires coal and natural gas. How else do you think we generated that electricity?

Why does Putin want to invade Ukraine?

The Russian’s intransigence in attacking Ukraine and the hand-sitting of the Europeans also proves one thing:

Energy policy is national security policy!

It proves when you put a large percentage of your energy supply in the hands of your enemies. They can – and will – use it against you.

We need to restart every shut-in well in America. Moreover, exploit our own resources before China and Russia use the unwillingness to do so as a weapon. America could use its own hydrocarbon production as a projection of its own power. To reduce or eliminate Europe’s dependence on energy supplied by the baddies.

Probably makes too much sense for them to do, but that’s just where we are today…

In conclusion, maybe our government will consider our safety over the needs of the migrating moose?

Why do we import oil from Russia?