Why Did The F-35 Crash?

The British Had A Serious Mishap Over The Weekend

Why Did The F-35 Crash? The F-35 is considered the most sophisticated airplane ever built by a global military power, so why did it crash?

Lockheed Martin has been praised recently for being able to reduce the F-35’s price tag down to $78 million. But, is this lower price as a result of cost cutting or intelligent manufacturing. Lockheed Martin claims they are optimzing the manufacturing process of the F-35 and that has contributed to its drop in price.

But, could Lockheed Martin’s new efficieint manufacturing process be a contributor? It does NOT appear to be the case!

In fact, Lockheed Martin has delivered some fantastic airplanes. But human error is to blame for the recent crash off of the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth over the weekend.

Please see a video of the crash below:


It appears that a rain covering was left on the jet by a maintenance member of the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Moreover, the jet worked perfectly well. In addition, the pilot ejected despite gaining no altitutude.

How could a rain cover be left on a nearly $100 million jet? Furthermore, what safety procedures are in place to make sure this does not occur again?

F-16 Fighter Pilot & Squadron Leader Captain Jeff Orr – Rebellion Research

In conclusion, we will continue to follow the progress of the F-35 and hope for its continued success in the global military landscape.

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