Why are Russian forces stalled in Ukraine?

Why are Russian forces stalled in Ukraine? “I think Russia’s lost control of its invasion.” General Barry McCaffrey told CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith” on Friday.

“It’s simply an astonishing situation. I’ve never seen anything like it,”

Moreover, the General called the stalled Russian army column invading north of Kyiv as looking “like an NFL parking lot.” Russia has now committed over 80% of its forces to the invasion.

Ukraine’s Air Force

A big contributor to the Russian problems is the current state of the Ukrainian Air Force. Which is still quite alive and well. In fact, the U.K. ‘s The Ministry of Defense reported in a public update yesterday that Russia’s “ability to provide effective support” was seriously curtailed by the Ukrainian Air Force.


In addition, this is the muddiest season in Ukraine. Furthermore, Russian wheel maintenance is lacking. So a number of vehicles including the vaunted Palantir missile truck has met its demise in the Ukrainian mud. The S1 missile system was very useful to Russian forces in Syria. But, the missile system has run into trouble so far in Ukraine.


The Russian troops are poorly fed and, in many cases, have trouble gassing up their vehicles. The Russian’s poor history of logistics has reared its ugly head in the invasion. Many Russian troops reportedly are so hungry they are just abandoning their vehicles and equipment and are trying to hide in Ukraine. Plus there is rampant drug use among the Russian military and many of the soldiers simply are not up for a massive invasion. Nor have the stomach to shoot at civilians.

European Anti-tank missiles

Furthermore, Europeans sent 2,000 Anglo-Swedish Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapons (NLAWs). These weapons have made a huge difference on the battlefield as we see constant streams of burning and burnt Russian tanks. One Ukrainian soldier quoted by The Express as saying: “How do you say in English ‘God save the Queen?’”

Lastly, defense expert Dan Sabbagh told The Express, that apparently Western weapons are “transforming the battlefield in Ukraine’s favor”. In addition, the weapons are “critical to halt the Russian tank-dominated advance”.

Could this war last 10 years as some estimate? We hope not!

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Why are Russian forces stalled in Ukraine?