Who was the most famous woman in the Civil War?

US Civil War

Who was the most famous woman in the Civil War?

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In these vignettes, it becomes clear regarding the lack of societal structure among the citizens. Moreover, it was frightening and chaotic for everyone as families scrambled to survive in a time of such radical changes. 

Firstly, in the North, many of the women understood the importance of the war and combined their forces to create the “United States Sanitary Commission” -an organization that provided the Union Army with critical food and medical supplies. These women were encouraged by their increase of power in the workforce and the help they were offering their loved ones. However, a large part of the working-class was less excited to support the war effort; these women were severely discontent and began violent riots that caused chaos for long periods of time. 

Eric Foner on the Civil War. Pulitzer Prize Winning Columbia History Professor on the Civil War.

In the South, extreme waves of Patriotism for the Confederacy swept through the women who were left alone at home. Similar to the Northerners, they began picking up new roles to provide for the Confederates in their fight for secession. However, in their homes, the slaves were becoming an increasingly big problem.

Without the men at home and the thought of freedom so close, the slaves were becoming more restless as time went on. For the women left at home, it was difficult not only to control the slaves, but it was also a reality that one could wake up and find that their servants had simply taken off. Once again, in a similar fashion to the North, the women were uneasy and organized many riots, causing a lot of destruction to the land. 

For the most part, the situations for the women in the Union and the Confederacy were identical to the North.

In the 1800s, because men entirely controlled their families, their departure led to the collapse and many changes to the structure of their established societies. Left to their own devices, women could finally begin to make major strides in their communities, but it was too much to expect in such a short amount of time.

From these vignettes, I recognized the power of a competent leader. Especially in times of despair. When they are most challenged, and their abilities to control the situations are tested. In the Civil War.

Moreover, Lincoln was that leader who understood how to maintain a stable environment. From moving into the White House to the secession of multiple states to the collapsed. Rioting communities. Lincoln withstood all these rapid changes. While things were far from perfect, it was clear at the end of the war, and in hindsight, that Lincoln’s leadership was critical to the survival of our very country. It is necessary to understand that very early in our history, Lincoln properly set the image for what a leader should aim to be in the face of tribulations.

Written by Jiming Xu

US Civil War

Who was the most famous woman in the Civil War?