Where can I get the cheapest electric car?

Where can I get the cheapest electric car? Moreover, where can i get the cheapest electric car company to invest in?

That is the question you should be asking yourself in our inflationary economy.

Where one must invest in the stock market if you have any hope at all of topping the 5-10% annual inflationary figures in the US.

As a result of combing all of the public listings and using our Artificial Intelligence to weigh in. When it comes to risk vs reward. Furthermore, the cheapest risk vs reward. Look no further than Workhorse Stock, NASDAQ : WKHS.

The stock lost a USPS contract worth billions last year. They found a new CEO. Stock went from high $30’s to $3 today.

But, the firm is loaded with over $250 million of cash on hand. In addition, armed with a veteran automotive team coupled with a strong technology team. There is a better than average chance this money and brainpower can produce something competitive in the market. Of course, execution risk is extraordinarily high here.

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Where can I get the cheapest electric car?