Where Can I Find Private Math Lessons with Top Instructors in 2022?

Where Can I Find Private Math Lessons with Top Instructors in 2022?



Math is a great subject, no doubt. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so. For many students, math can be a scary complex subject that they’d rather skip. For every parent, it can be quite worrisome if a child belongs to this category of students. However, you can easily change kids’ perspective with the help of a math tutor. 

The right math lesson on line can help a child love the subject and understand core concepts easily. But where can you find these lessons? 

To help you tackle the puzzle and narrow your choices, we’ve collated some of the best private lessons on math for kids in 2022. Let’s get down to brass tacks! 


If you’re in search of a 1st-grade math lesson program, Brighterly is the right platform for you. This online tutoring service offers private math lessons for children from Pre-K up to Grade 5.

Brighterly is a popular choice among parents for several reasons. For starters, it has a team of expert math tutors who go through rigorous screening before recruitment. Therefore, students are taught by seasoned professionals who know the ins and outs of a classroom setting. 

Brighterly also offers a unique approach to learning. Building upon the theory of game-based learning, tutors teach kids core math concepts using fun videos, games, and worksheets. More importantly, they adapt the curriculum to meet each child’s specific needs and pace. It’s also a great choice for any parent in search of flexible math lesson plans. 

The Princeton Review 

The Princeton Review is a premium learning platform that offers tutoring, test preparation, and academic resources for students. However, unlike Brighterly, it doesn’t exactly cater to young learners and is more suitable for high school students preparing for college. 

The Princeton Review has a team of tutors willing to lend their expertise to students who need assistance. As a prospective student, you get a free tutorial session. However, after signing up, you’ll need to either subscribe or choose a one-time offer which grants you access to several sessions for a few months. The best part? You can cancel your subscription at any time and apply for a refund if your grades don’t improve after consistent tutoring. 


Prodigy is another awesome platform where you can get elementary math lesson plans. Like Brighterly, this platform offers one-on-one tutorial sessions for students. This means that each kid gets individual attention, which ensures that their learning needs are properly catered to.

For starters, prospective students get a free session. During this lesson, you can discuss learning goals and possible milestones. Subsequently, then you’ll need to pay for each session. 

One of the Prodigy’s outstanding perks is its feedback policy. As a parent, you should stay abreast of your child’s academic progress to ensure that they’re getting all the help they need. Thus, Prodigy offers consistent feedback on its students’ performance. This way, you get to see how much progress your child has made and determine if any adjustments of their learning goals are required. 

Learn To Be

If you’re in need of a free math lesson plan for preschool, Learn To Be is a great choice worth considering. This non-profit organization is completely volunteer-run and as such, offers free tutorial services for students who can’t afford ones. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right math lesson with expert instructors can be quite tricky. While you have a lot of options, the problem lies in narrowing your choices and making the right call. Fortunately, this list of reliable tutorial services will help you navigate the decision. Whether you need a preschool math lesson or SAT preparation classes, you can certainly choose from this list. 

Good luck!

Where Can I Find Private Math Lessons with Top Instructors in 2022?