When Is Cybertruck Going To Be Released?

Did Elon pull a bait and switch?

When Is Cybertruck Going To Be Released? With Elon’s recent tweet, we now know that the quad motor version will come out first. 

This will be a much more expensive version than the single, double or tri motor version. 

The cost of the Cybertruck is looking more like $80k+. Moreover, well over $100k+ for that 1200 Horsepower and 500 mile range people are so excited about. 

Maybe it will even approach $200k?

Obviously, that is not achievable with the single motor variant. One that had a price tag of $39,000 and helped to attract over 1 million Cybertruck reservations.

Of course, Tesla is also a business that is trying to maximize profits. 

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Furthermore, Tesla knows that they will have low output for the next year or two due to the global supply chain crisis. To maximize that, raise the price and add a 4th motor, a crab walk, etc. 

Tesla has made a number of price increases on their models over the past year.

Did Elon only promise the cheaper alternative as a way to drum up interest? 

Tesla has shown from the beginning that they have built the most expensive versions first because it has a greater profit potential than the more affordable models. For instance, S and X  saw this maneuver before the compact versions of each were released.  

Moreover, the 4 motor makes more profit and performance sense than any other variant.

But was it intentional bait and switching from Elon?

Most likely not!

When Tesla announced the Cybertruck and the accompanying pricing they thought it was achievable. 

However inflation has roared its ugly head in a major way and the prices of raw goods has surged!

Some goods have gone up 30% and others over 50% due to commodity prices increasing, supply chain and labor shortages. 

Tesla came to the realization that the $39,999 cybertruck isn’t happening from a profit and net income perspective. Its a money loser.

Yes it’s frustrating for Tesla fans!

Of course, if you put that $100 into TSLA stock it would be worth $1700 today.

When Is Cybertruck Going To Be Released?