What’s News For February 11th?

What’s News For February 11th? As always we search the planet for the most exciting news around the globe that MSM has ignored or missed!

1. A book about Conway’s Game of Life, which aims to “demystify the Game of Life by breaking down the complex patterns that have been developed in it into bite-size chunks that can be understood individually”. It’s available to download for free as a PDF. https://conwaylife.com/book/#download_pdf

2. “subjects accurately assessed upper-body strength in voices taken from eight samples across four distinct populations and language groups…the human voice—especially the male voice—contains cues of physical strength” https://royalsocietypublishing.org/…/10…/rspb.2010.0769

3. British and German military report on human augmentation https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/…/Human…

4. The Shang Dynasty, Oracle Bones, and the Roots of Chinese History. The Shang are China’s first dynasty with written sources, but what kind of world do they reveal? The oracle bones are a unique window onto a Bronze Age society. https://art19.com/…/b2598765-3ad2-4d2f-8115-ece660c7d01d

5. For the first time ever, Toyota Research has successfully programmed a vehicle to autonomously drift around obstacles on a closed track. https://youtube.com/watch?v=MfU5_gzqPaM6. Scientists engineer new material that can absorb and release enormous amounts of energy https://phys.org/…/2022-02-scientists-material-absorb…

7. In New York City Sewage, a Mysterious Coronavirus Signal — “For the past year, scientists have been looking for the source of strange coronavirus sequences that have appeared in the city’s wastewater.” [nytimes.com] https://archive.fo/MTk17

8. Lex Fridman vs Hamster: Who can suffer more? https://youtu.be/5MkbhDK8zsU

9. Synthetic NLP data? Using GPT-2 to Create Synthetic Data. Moreover, to Improve the Prediction Performance of NLP Machine Learning Classification Models https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.10658

10. The Five Biggest Surprises From The History Of Timekeeping https://www.forbes.com/…/the-five-biggest-surprises…/…

In conclusion, please see our continuing coverage of the crisis in Ukraine. Furthermore, with Russian troops at the border. Moreover, the world wonders when and if Putin’s Russian forces will invade.

What’s News For February 11th?