What was the worst tank in history?

What was the worst tank in history? ‘Arjun’ : India’s Domestic Main Battle Tank.

We chose this Indian tank as the worst Modern Tank in the world because it is plagued with major issues. We mean really really serious design flaws which is why people like to meme on it and take the piss.

The entire development of the tank took around 30 years and it did cost 20 times what was expected when the project started.

One major issue if I was to name one was the cheek armor. it weighs nearly 70 ton so you would expect protection to be good right? Well this is what they did…

The apfsds it uses are only rated 300mm @ 2000m. The upgraded Mk.II is still terrible, being only 500mm @ 2000m.

You see that optik on the turret cheek? They literally carved out all of the armor to fit it there. Leopard 2A4 also has this, but they did re-in force the armor there behind the optics area to make it as close to being as good as the other cheek. 

On the Arjun they did not. So just shoot it there, hit the ammo rack and the tank will cook off because it doesn’t have a separate ammunition compartment and it lacks blow out panels. That’s just one of its many flaws. Oh wait there’s more, they carved out a chunk of the hull armor to fit a fuel tank in there.

The ERA doesnt cover the rear sides of the turret, again an easy target to cook off its ammunition. You can see the carved out armor on its cheek.

India’s small PP, apfsds round

Look how tiny that penetrator rod is and the muzzle velocity is also meh

Let’s just say if I was back in school, I could write a full S.A about why this tank is 65+ Tons of pure shit (hey at least it was a very expensive shit) and have enough room on my ass crack to write what’s good about it.

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What was the worst tank in history?

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