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What was the cause of death of the USS Arizona?

What was the cause of death of the USS Arizona?

Military History

The Bomb that Sank USS Arizona

Arizona (BB39) Port Bow, Underway - NARA - 5900075 - 1930.jpg
Arizona (BB39) port bow, before being modernized at Norfolk Naval Shipyard between May 1929 and January 1930.

The Bomb that Sank USS Arizona The Japanese turned an obsolete 16 inch shell from the Nagato class battleships into a Bomb and sunk the USS Arizona.

Arizona‘s launch, 19 June 1915.
Aichi D3A1 dive bombers prepare to take off from a Japanese aircraft carrier during the morning of 7 December 1941 to attack Pearl Harbor.

Obsolete Type 88 shells were modified in 1939–40 to create the Type 99 No. 80 Mk 5 armor-piercing bomb.

Arizona on the East River, New York City (1916).
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The Japanese used them during the attack on Pearl Harbor and one pierced the deck of the USS Arizona and caused her to explode. 

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Simplistic representation of the explosion on Arizona.
Attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese planes view.jpg
Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of Ford Island shortly after the beginning of the Pearl Harbor attack. View looks about east, with the supply depot, submarine base and fuel tank farm in the right center distance. A torpedo has just hit USS West Virginia on the far side of Ford Island (center). Other battleships moored nearby are (from left): NevadaArizonaTennessee (inboard of West Virginia), Oklahoma (torpedoed and listing) alongside Maryland, and California. On the near side of Ford Island, to the left, are light cruisers Detroit and Raleigh, target and training ship Utah and seaplane tender TangierRaleigh and Utah have been torpedoed, and Utah is listing sharply to port. Japanese planes are visible in the right center (over Ford Island) and over the Navy Yard at right. U.S. Navy planes on the seaplane ramp are on fire. Japanese writing in the lower right states that the photograph was reproduced by authorization of the Navy Ministry.
Pearl Harbor on October 30, 1941, looking southwest.

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The armor-piercing cap and windscreen were removed from the shell and the body was machined down and tapered to reduce weight and a new, thinner, base plug installed with two fuses. 

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Arizona transits the Panama Canal in 1921
Arizona transits the Panama Canal in 1921.
Route followed by the Japanese fleet to Pearl Harbor and back.

In conclusion the filling was replaced by 23 kilograms (50 lb) of trinitroaniline.

Arizona with ship’s complement (1924).
Arizona being modernized in Norfolk, June 1930.
D3A1 Akagi.jpg
Aichi D3A1 from carrier Akagi.

The bomb weighed 796.8 kilograms (1,757 lb).

Arizona burning after the Japanese attack.
The visible superstructure of Arizona after her sinking.
Aerial view of the USS Arizona Memorial, showing the wreck and oil seepage from the ship’s bunkers.

The Bomb that Sank USS Arizona

Arizona at the New York City naval review, leading ten dreadnoughts that paraded past Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels.
Arizona after her modernization during the 1930s.
Arizona in 1931 after her modernization.
Pearl Harbor by US Navy Rear Admiral Samuel J. Cox.

What was the cause of death of the USS Arizona?