What was Dwight Eisenhower’s policy?

What was Dwight Eisenhower’s policy?


Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, served from 1953 to 1961 (Greenstein 461). He was also known as the national hero of the Second World War. In his life, he was one of the Five-star generals, and the only one that both the Democratic and Republican parties wanted for their party’s presidency. In addition, he had the three most important values—ambition, duty, and honor, which duty and honor can be found on the West Point emblem.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in 1890 in Texas (Eisenhower, Dwight D 148). He accepted an appointment to West Point in 1911 after a two years break from high school (Ambrose 374). He graduated from West Point in the middle of his class in 1915, and he married Mamie Doud in 1916. They got two sons, but one of their children died in infancy (Ambrose 374). In 1926, Eisenhower attended the Army War College, and graduated in 1928 (“Dwight D. Eisenhower”). In 1939, he served in the army during WWII.

During the serving time, he became the commander of the Africa battlefield (Ambrose 374), where he commanded the whole allied force during Normandy Landing, which was known as the most important battle during that time. After the war, he retired from the army, and became the president of Columbia University. In 1952, he was elected as the president, and served until 1960. Eisenhower died in 1969 from a heart attack in Washington, D.C.

What was Dwight Eisenhower’s policy?

Eisenhower was not only a good general in WWII. But also as a good politician and president in his presidency due to the strong ambition in his life. In his early life, because of poverty. His family had to move to Abilene, Taxes, where his father could work in a creamery (Eisenhower, Dwight D. 148). During that time, his family did not have any money to afford him to go to college. However, in 1917, he sought a chance to work in the Army with General Fox Conner’s help in WWI (Ambrose 374). In nearly 20 years, he performed outstandingly in the Army. Because he thought it was honorable to fight in the battlefields.

Hence, in November, 1942, he got a chance to command the Americans to attack North Africa. And by 1943, he had been advanced to Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Eisenhower, Dwight D. 148) (Greenstein 465) (“Normandy landings”).

After that, in 1944, the Normandy landings happened. He thought the landing areas were too less, so he suggested adding two more divisions to get a total of five divisions. Thus, He could take control of the landing in Utah Beach and Sword Beach (“Normandy landings”). His ambition and determination helped him to win the battle. Finally, by achieving victory in the spring of 1945, he returned home as a hero (Greenstein 465). 

His strong ambition also showed during his first term of presidency.

He tried to make the United States stronger during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. To accomplish his goal, he tried to get more nuclear missiles against the Soviet Union. Although Khrushchev wanted the Soviet Union to take control of the world. Eisenhower tried to keep the balance and got equal status from the Soviet Union because he wanted America to be more powerful than the Soviet Union. As a result, in 1953, he set up the CIA to control the government. And hit the Third World nations (Ambrose 377) (Gould 121).

Like the CIA, which sent spies to another country to gather information, Eisenhower wanted to know more about the Soviet Union, in order to find a way to solve the problem without wars. Although, in 1960, he retired from the political presidency, the things he did for this country showed his strong ambition. Without his ambition, he couldn’t have a successful life, or become a general, and president.

General Petraeus

In Eisenhower’s political life, he had an extreme honor for his presidency and life. He treated everyone fairly to everyone, respected people, and did everything honestly. When the allies won the Second World War, America and the British captured West Germany. Because of the war, people who lived in West Germany did not have any food, medicines, or clothes. So he agreed to distribute the goods from America. Such as food and medical equipment, to West Germany. His action showed a new attitude toward German people who were captured by Nazi. Because he thought everyone is equal, and they were not Nazi. They are just German people (“Dwight D. Eisenhower”). He just thought it was the right thing, and he must do that.

Also in the presidency, in 1957, the Civil Right Acts was created by Congress. During that time, there was not any fairness between blacks and whites. Many white people did not allow their child to study with black children in the same school (Greenstein 473). In the fall of 1957, the local government which was in Arkansas states controlled the Central High School in Little Rock, and limited black students to go to the school. Because of that, Eisenhower sent armies to protect black students. And let them study in the same high school with white students (Ambrose 378). Finally, without his honor to treat people fairly and respect humans. He couldn’t command the whole ally’s armies, and got two terms as president.

Doing Things Right

In 1944, in England, he was the “Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe”. (Greenstein 465) It was his duty to command over 176,000 soldiers who were from England, France, and America (“Normandy landings”) to land on Normandy successfully because this battle decided WWII. Those victories influenced WWII with his duty as commander. Before his presidency, in 1952, he tried to solve the North Korea war’s problem because America used lots of money for weapons and wars. So he went to North Korea, and researched the situation. (Eisenhower, Dwight D.149) In that time, he tried to find a way to solve the problem because at that time, everyone wanted peace, and WWII just ended.

Finally, in 1953, he sent a friendly message to China for a peaceful negotiation. In the same year, when he got the presidency, he took office with a Republican president. (Greenstein 467)

Highway System

In 1956, he set up an Interstate Highway System because in the Cold War, everything thought that cities could be attacked by the enemy, and highways could separate peoples and send armies.

His goal was to create a highway system which could help the American economy and military (“Dwight D. Eisenhower”) because he wanted to make sure that America wouldn’t be attacked. So he supervised the project by himself because he thought it was his duty to do this, and if he let lazy people supervise, maybe it wouldn’t work. Finally, he did a good job as a president with his duty, and in that time, America could develop its economy peacefully.

From his legendary life, he was the most famous general who got the five star in the Second World War, and a great modern president for two terms. If he didn’t have ambition, he couldn’t command the army very well. In addition, without his honor, he wouldn’t have had his two terms as president. Finally, he had a strong value of duty for his whole life.   

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What was Dwight Eisenhower’s policy?