What should a resume look like in 2022?

What should a resume look like in 2022?

Wondering how your resume makes you an ideal candidate for the job? What to include in your resume is essential; however, leaving out unwanted, irrelevant information is also equally vital. A well-written resume is when you strike the right balance between necessary and unnecessary information. 

A Career Objective

Mentioning a career objective in a resume is mainly obsolete now. Career objective tells the employer about your goals and aims in professional life. Don’t you think you are limiting yourself to mentioning career objectives? What if the position you are applying for doesn’t match your career objective? It simply means that you are bluntly telling the employer that the vacant position is not your cup of tea. Won’t it limit your opportunities? Moreover, don’t limit yourself with mentioning career objectives in your resume.

Therefore, write down a career summary instead of a career objective to start the proceedings. Highlight what you can deliver and how the company may benefit from your previous work experience projects. Tell the employer how you will add value to the company. 

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Unnecessary Personal Information

You don’t write everything in your resume. Leave out a few things that can be discussed in the interview. Your resume needs to be spot on. Stick to only necessary skills, achievements, and relevant experience details to make your resume look professional. Unwanted personal information is strictly not advisable. 

Age, address, and other personal information were earlier considered normal to be part of the resume. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Although professional human resource managers make sure they don’t form preconceived notions of the applicant, it is advised not to include your age in your CV. If the job you are applying for has an age-related requirement, don’t hesitate to inform the employer that you meet the requirements. Therefore, too much personal information is considered an unprofessional way to showcase your competence. Your abilities, skills, achievements, and qualifications hold the key. 


Negative comments about a former employer

It doesn’t matter if you are not satisfied with your current employer; your potential employer does not have to know about it in writing. Don’t add any negative comments about your former employer or current organization in your resume. Yes, omit such details straight away. Keep it positive. Remember, negativity attracts negativity. You may keep your story for the interview, but a resume is not the right place to talk about such details.

Moreover, focus on objective reporting of your experience and exposure in the field. Mention only the positives. Another way to explain your feelings is to highlight challenges you faced during your stay at the organization. Also, tell how you overcame the challenges. However, avoid speaking negatively about your former organizations. 

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Avoid details about your hobbies and interests.

A professional resume is aimed to showcase your professional profile. This portfolio may also include information about your interests, hobbies, and things you love doing. Make sure you don’t drag details of your hobbies. Keep it short and crisp, and make it look attractive with just a few lines or pointers. 

Moreover, you can also pay for a resume for optimum results. Remember, an excellent professional CV will have a slight description of your hobbies and interests, which is also encouraged by the employer. An employer is looking for an established, mature, and responsible individual for their organization. Write down hobbies that depict your personality as a professional team player and leader. 

Unprofessional errors/ funky email address

Cool88@domain.com is certainly not a professional email address. It may have been talk-of-the-campus in college days, but not anymore. Using such a funky email address on your resume or business card is inappropriate. Get an email address that has your name in it. Such an email address looks professional for job search and even on your resume. It is advised to keep professional email addresses separate from family or friends’ email addresses. Also, create an email address with a provider like Gmail and reserve it for job search purposes only. Always use the job-specific email address available on all your profiles on social media, LinkedIn.

Last but not least, research suggests that “spelling and grammatical mistakes” in a resume are a sin. Researchers found that silly grammar and spelling errors have even cost jobs to many candidates. So, keep all the errors and grammar issues out of the resume. Read it twice as many times before you send it to the employer. Edit the formatting, headings, and subheadings with keen attention. A little effort can get you your dream job. Make sure the font size is professional. Avoid using funky typos. Mind your language in the resume. Make sure the words used are exact and meaningful. 

Now you are well aware of the dos and don’ts while writing a resume. Go through the article again and check whether your resume needs an update or not. Refine your resume on what you just learned and see the results yourself. 

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What should a resume look like in 2022?

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