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What movie is about going back in time to World War 2?

What movie is about going back in time to World War 2?

World War 2

This is the first time Matthew came back since he was sent to World War 2. He stepped back onto the land and took a deep breath. Matthew did not know if the smell of the two worlds was really different or if it was just his emotions making him think that, but he was not present in the mind. He wanted to see how this world works and what the difference is between this world and World War 2. He did not want to be called a ragtag, so, with courage, he burned his birthmark to make that part of the skin recover. Therefore, he now had nothing more special than others in World I. 

The glee and curiousness of his heart were too strong to be restrained. He was walking on the street and looking around. Compared to World War 2, World I was dull. Furthermore, every man on the street was wearing a suit and all of the ladies were wearing knee-length skirts. Matthew had never seen people wearing the same clothes in World War 2. That would not have happened in World War 2, even to see two people wearing the same clothes. In time, however, he found their dressing may not be the weirdest thing. 

The first impression this world gave him was oppressive.

Through his observation, he understood why he got these strong feelings. People, no matter adult or child, were all expressionless. When they were talking, Matthew could feel that they just tried to force a smile to make others happy. Some people were wily old birds, they had a good command of a smile. Some others smiled like a crazy rabbit, even though the other side still politely nodded and gave a response. 

Matthew walked into a park. As he walked in the park, he saw a little girl who had long curly hair sitting on a bench crying. People standing next to her looked like zombies and looked at the crying girl with strange eyes like the girl was a weirdo. Matthew suddenly found that only that girl and himself had colour in this world. He went forward and gave her a pat on the shoulder. The girl looked up anxiously. 

“Don’t put me into jail, please” the girl looked at him with beseeching eyes. “Don’t worry. I am Matthew. I am from World War 2. No one will put you into the jail” said Matthew with a true smile. Matthew’s words and smile gave the girl quite a shock. The girl wiped away her tears. 

“ You are from World War 2? How? And why did you come here?” the girl asked. “ Well, I’m just curious about what World War 2 looks like, so I used some special way to make me physically like people in World I. But now I think it’s not worth it” Matthew shrugged his shoulder. 

“ Physically? Haha, you are very cautious. But it’s the truth that people in this world are birds imprisoned in cages, some birds have already abandoned here to get out of the cage, but a few birds are still fighting for their freedom. And I am one of them”. 

Matthew contracted his brows and could not believe that these words were coming from a little girl. 

“ Can you tell me what your world looks like? My parents have told me that World War 2 is the hell, people in World War 2 are those people who are deserted by God. However, I do not believe that. My parents scolded me about reading a banned book that is about World War 2, that is why I planned to run away from home. Moreover, the banned book is Pandora’s box, after opening it. I have entered into a lot of trouble,” the girl said. Meanwhile, she imitated a police siren softly. “ They are coming to catch me!” The girl looked at Matthew. 

Matthew looked to the nearby street. Police cars were coming toward them and the policemen in the car were wearing black uniforms and there was a snake sign on their chests. In World War 2, the policemen were just the people who maintain the society’s stability, they were everyday people – like the rest of us. But in World I policemen were authoritarians. When they came up, they would put someone with radical thoughts into jail. “ Run!” Matthew took the girl’s hand. 

The rain started falling, hitting the ground. They were enveloped in smoke and were running through the crowd. Matthew was trying to find any place that could help them to avoid the pursuit of the police. 

“ Let’s run around,” Matthew said to the girl. 

“ They will catch me sooner or later. I am afraid that you will also be implicated because you helped me escape” The girl held her waist and gasped, “I’m really feeling under the weather today, I’m very tired”. 

“ So there is only one way to avoid being put into jail. Would you like to go to World War 2? Think about it. Not I, nor anyone else, can travel that road for you” Matthew said. “ Yes! I cannot stay in this world anymore”. The girl looked at Matthew with firm eyes and her clothes swayed in the wind. The sky was getting darker, as if something was going to happen. 

Matthew picked up an empty beer bottle and flung it to the ground. Crash! With a loud click, the beer bottle became broken pieces of glass. Matthew picked up a sharp piece of glass and showed it to the girl. Meanwhile the police, who were not far away, heard the noise and were coming towards them. 

“ Use this to scratch our arms. We need to make some difference between us and others”. 

Those who have physical differences from others, such as people who may have birthmarks or who are disabled, were sent to World I. But people who do not have any physical differences, but have ideological differences, would become sent to jail. 

The girl held the piece of glass and cut her arm. The blood flew out and became mixed with rainwater. At the same time, they heard hurried footsteps. The policemen had arrived and saw their aims bleeding. 

“ They need to be sent to World War 2, it’s not our area of management now” one of the policeman said. 

“Yeah. Bring them to World War 2 and the people in World War 2 they will punish them,” the policeman nearby said. 

Matthew bowed down and softly said to the girl, “ Poor policeman, does he think people in World War 2 are rigid boards like them?” 

In the evening, finally, they reached World War 2

Moreover, the sky was so blue and birds were tweeting at dawn. In addition, kids were swinging and the elderly were talking about household stuff. Ladies made up their faces heavily and dressed gaudily. Some young adults who just received their driver’s licenses raced on the road to feel the joy of speed. Vroom.The girl became shocked. 

“ Don’t worry! They are always piquant.” Said Matthew and pointed at the street nearby”. This street is the longest street in this world and the scenery along the way is wonderful.”

“ Life is short, art is long. Let’s go.” The girl was excited. The setting sun crushed the mountain. Piles of smiles exposed the suburb town’s tranquil evening. Furthermore, two people were walking on the street. And lastly, then the tanks rolled in…

Written by Charlotte Xia

What movie is about going back in time to World War 2?