What is wave energy and how does it work?

What is wave energy and how does it work?

Wave power, in addition, referenced as ocean wave energy. Is electrical energy generated by harnessing the up-and-down motion of ocean waves, wave power is typically produced by floating turbine platforms or buoys that rise and fall with the swells.

Could the most efficient form of Wave Energy emerge in Wave Chimneys?

Water pushes up pressurized air to drive the turbines. As a result we receive the coolest green energy out there!

Moreover, energy produced of 200 kW to 1 MW capacity range per module. Furthermore, Wave energy density makes it up to 50 times more area efficient per MW than solar energy, according to provider Havkraft AS.

What are advantages of wave energy?

Wave energy is green energy and friendly to the environment. Thus, producing power from waves creates no gas, waste, pollution or any harmful byproducts. In addition, the waves become as predictable as your watch. As our weather can be forecast, it’s possible to calculate the amount of energy waves will produce in advance.

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What is wave energy and how does it work?