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What Is Traditional Data Vs Alternative Data?

What Is Traditional Data Vs Alternative Data?

One of our favorite data firms Neudata looks to address this question with an educational conference in Boston this March. Furthermore, many of our favorite data minds will be speaking at this event including CAIA’s CEO Bill Kelly and Yosef Zweibach of Walleye Capital!

Profile photo of William J. Kelly, CAIA
William J. Kelly

The event is being held at Boston’s Hilton Boston Back Bay, located at 40 Dalton St. And the conference will be from 1:30pm to 6:30pm!

Profile photo of Yosef Zweibach
Yosef Zweibach

Moreover, Alternative data refers to non-traditional or non-financial data. Data that generally becomes used to make investment or risk decisions, analyze markets, or gain insights into business operations.

This data often arrives from unconventional sources such as social media, web traffic, satellite imagery, credit card transactions, and more.

Satellite image of Fortaleza.

Alternative data is becoming increasingly important in financial and investment industries, as it allows analysts and investors to gather insights that are not easily accessible through traditional data sources.

For example, alternative data can become used to monitor consumer trends, track supply chain disruptions. Or analyze the performance of specific industries or companies.

Alternative data typically becomes analyzed using advanced analytical techniques. Such as machine learning or natural language processing and data mining.

These techniques allow analysts to uncover patterns and relationships that may not be apparent through manual analysis. Overall, alternative data is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights and give investors a competitive edge in the financial markets.

However, it is important to note that alternative data often appears unstructured. And may require significant processing and cleaning before it can be used effectively.

If you want to join this event I have secured 30 tickets for our network, save your spot here.
Full event info can be viewed on the Neudata Website.

What Is Traditional Data Vs Alternative Data?

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