What is the world’s biggest gun?

What is the world’s biggest gun?

Schwerer Gustav, also known as the “Heavy Gustav,” was the heaviest mobile artillery piece ever built. Moreover, the largest caliber rifled weapon ever on the field of combat.

A railway gun weighing nearly 1350 tons. In addition, boasting a firing capacity of 7-ton projectiles with a distance of up to 47 kilometers.

However her need of 500 men to man the gun, in addition to the 4,000 or so troops necessary to protect it, took away the tactical usefulness of the giant.

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Armored Trains

Originally developed in the late 1930s as siege artillery for the explicit purpose of destroying the main forts of the French Maginot Line. At the time the strongest fortifications in existence in the world.

Schwerer Gustav railway gun in a rare photograph, likely sometime during 1942 at Sevastopol
Adolf Hitler, second from right, Albert Speer, right, and others, at the Rügenwalde testing grounds in Pomerania (now Darłowo, Poland) on 19 Mar 1943 to see the giant 800mm railway gun “Dora,” sister gun to the “Gustav.”
Allied soldiers pose with one of the 80cm shells, and its charge, made for the Schwerer Gustav rail gun, 1945.

Trains Vs Tanks

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What is the world’s biggest gun?

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