What is the real meaning of life?

What is the real meaning of life?

When people talk about what is the meaning of life. Most of them think that the meaning of life is to help others.

Moroever, to eliminate people’s pain or to do something to help society and the world.

In the text “Meaning of Life” by Richard Taylor, he questioned “Does life have meaning?”. Taylor holds a positive position in his points. And in life people have an urge to know why we are here in the world. Taylor created an argument by using the myth of Sisyphus, which is the alternative to humans in his analogy.  My thesis is that a meaningful life is controlled by your own actions and life is meaningful with purpose.

  Taylor concludes that looking at the meaningless can shed light on what gives life meaning.

Taylor uses a story about Sisyphus to introduce his opinion. Sisyphus angered the gods, so they received punishment. They made him push the stone from the ground to the top of the mountain, and then let the stone fall from the top, repeating forever.

Because what he did seemed meaningless, it looked like his life lost its meaning. But this is not right. The meaning of life is not to see how much he eventually contributed to the world, for him. If rolling stones is his own desire to do the subjective occurrence. Then rolling stones the thing itself for him is meaningful. Moreover, his life is doing for his own meaningful things, so his life is meaningful. Everyone’s life seems like Sisyphus but with purpose in life and finding what we want in our life. If everyone’s life consists of meaningless cycles according to what Taylor says, then we don’t have a meaningful life.

Therefore, Taylor’s point of meaning of life should be doing the things that you are willing to do. And doing the things that you think are meaningful. Thus, I agree with Taylor’s point that humans can live subjectively meaningful lives, but they can’t live objectively meaningful lives. It is quite possible to find meaning in life, but people need to decide on their own and how they chose to live their lives.

Once the outcome in your life is meaningful and you will be satisfied. Taylor described that if we put our will in the wake of our acts, we can find the meaningfulness of our life. We do not have any evidence that our state of mind will lead to a meaningful life for everyone.   

There can be meaning in life.

My argument is why and how meaning can be found or achieved in life. If you chose to agree with Taylor, then the sadistic torture has more meaning in life comparing to a person who is aspiring battling with diseases. There are so many uncontrollable variables in today’s world. An example would be a doctor saving lives, and this shows in some situations the desires we owed are not meaningful but to hurt other people. In our life the meaning bonds with our actions. Taylor explained objective meaningless, but I also cannot agree with his position on finding a purpose in life.

When you think about what is it about the state of mind that is unique? I would like to know if there is a personality trait that portrays a person’s life being meaningful. If you could imagine what Taylor would see in someone who changed their perspective in life. Taylor offers prolific solutions to making the meaning of life better. If you are thinking whether life has a meaning is difficult to understand. And the more you focus your critical faculty on the subject it seems to evade you. The idea of meaningfulness is hard to grasp for anyone, and when we think clearly of the meaningless existence. People should take a step to cope with the question and focus on living their own life. When you have a family and child, that is the part that is unique to you as an individual person.

Getting a good job and paid well could be your desire to live a good life and meaningful purpose that keeps you moving every day.

You must be motivated to get yourself out of the bed and live a new life. These reasons could make you have a meaningful life, but it does not really work today. You will care what other people think of you, and sometimes you cannot decide your own actions. There is a burden like your family, friends, co-workers, etc. 

Why should we believe humans achieve things and make it a purpose to find meaning? It is easy to think of life without a meaning, and if we agree with Taylor that focusing on the process of doing things. Not the products or achievement of doing things, then life would have a meaning. I would not agree with Taylor because life needs achievements. To recognize yourself is extremely important and will help you to improve yourself. Be a better person and be successful because you can be making an impact on others. Taylor explained that life is an endless cycle, but we interact with new things every day.

We are creative and full of new ideas to make an impact in lives.

The point of view is too subjective, and simply changing your view on matters that is still pointless. We must have our own point of view in life to be meaningful. People must commit to their life and move on to accomplish their goal. Their own actions will decide the meaning of their life.

Taylor’s view of a good life is problematic. Taylor thinks the important part is getting what you want, and the matter to fulfill desire on things. We are often having mistakes on what is beneficial for use, and this will guide us to the wrong desires. If someone desires to be a celebrity in life because they want their life to be rich and financially free.

But have you ever considered the stress along the way?

You would be very pressured to host concerts and deal with people. If Taylor came to this situation, the desire would be informed. If this helped you to fulfill your desire, it would be good. This would be problematic because you might not want this to be your life.

You oversee your actions to make your life meaningful. Taylor demonstrated a meaning for life, and it goes above the act that everyone does in their lives. Furthermore, Taylor separates the value of life in today’s time to its future value. In addition, Taylor argues that the value of a person’s life can be understood after their death. Taylor also made it clear that the story of Sisyphus’ life is meaningless.

But this is Sisyphus’ life, and it is meaningful to Sisyphus.

Sisyphus never gives up just like a normal person living their life. A person can run into so many challenges in their life, and you conquer them all. The person will accomplish their goals and pass all the challenges to find their meaningful life. A person can be happy and satisfied in life to find their purpose of living their lives. 

In conclusion, people in today’s world take their actions without realizing it. They are trying to live their life meaningful with purpose. People living their life is a natural part of everyday activity. I conclude that you do not need to change your emotional status to school and work. It will not matter if other people believe life is fulfilled with value. Your action is only unique to you and does not affect another person. Living your own life with your own choices is the only thing that matters to be meaningful.

The evidence for my conclusion is that we might think that Sisyphus is a failure to everyone, but not to him. The only thing that matters is what you would think of yourself.

Who else can define if your life has a meaning other than yourself?

Your actions contain meaning to you and make a significant impact on your life. Taylor cited many examples from Sisyphus’s story to demonstrate how existence matters and demonstrated the significance. The meaning of your life should come within what you create yourself. You can have a meaningful life, so you could be remembered by your children, grandchildren, and your future generations. 

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What is the real meaning of life?

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