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What is the Hardest Game to Win in Casino

What is the Hardest Game to Win in Casino

Gambling is a way of spending leisure time, which enables users to increase their capital. Newcomers often prefer ordinary slots, as they feature fairly simple rules. Entertainment options of more complex classes, such as roulette and baccarat, are suitable for experienced users because it is harder to get the winnings. Nevertheless, it is possible to earn substantial sums of money subject to the proper preparation and particular skills in these seemingly challenging games. For a wide range of gaming options and strategies, visit  

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This gambling option is considered popular among players from all over the world. Many new users of online casinos tend to begin their betting experience with it because they believe that the rules are simple. However, this is actually not the case. Blackjack can be safely described as one of the hardest gambling games in casino. And the reason is not the rules but rather the different variations that occur when the dealer hands the initial cards on the table.

Players are highly recommended to practice in order to protect themselves from excessive losses in this game. Thus, they can log in to their personal accounts and make a minimum deposit. It is a wise idea to take advantage of the Paysafecard casino that guarantees players anonymity and fast processing of transactions for both deposits and withdrawals. It can be found only in the establishments that offer their clients the best terms of service, such as profitable casino bonuses, a wide variety of games, security of personal data, etc.

In most blackjack versions, the goal is for the player to get the result closest to 21 points by drawing cards. However, it must not exceed the set limit. It looks as if everything is simple. Yet, in practice, luck alone is not enough to win. To avoid spending the whole bankroll, it is necessary to use common sense and adhere to a number of tips:

  • Learn some basic attack and defense strategies, as you will get an advantage over the dealer in the online casino;
  • Set a limit on the game duration and losses;
  • Never split tens;
  • Always separate two eights, as 16 is considered one of the worst combinations in Blackjack;
  • Put apart the deuces and treys only when the dealer’s card is between four and seven;
  • Always split aces unless it is forbidden by the rules.

These are only some of the tips that experienced players recommend using. They will not ensure the complete protection of the gambler. Yet, it would be possible to get more frequent rewards. Users can play without expenses by taking advantage of the casino free spins and get some initial experience. Available games include blackjack and other popular options. Each establishment has specific rules and conditions for getting free spins. Often, they are credited to customers who make deposits or as a reload bonus.


This game is viral in both land-based and online venues. It enjoys high demand partly due to the simplicity of the rules. Even so, it ranks as the hardest game in casino or one of them. To understand why, you should become more familiar with the principles of the game.

The roulette wheel usually consists of 38 cells. Their numbering begins with a single zero. It is followed by a double one and then values from one to 36 around the circle. Pairs of odd numbers alternate with those of even ones. All cells are colored red and black in turn. Dile rotates the drum and tosses a small ball in the direction opposite the wheel’s movement. To win, the player must guess the place where the ball stops.

All bets in roulette can be grouped into two types:

  • internal;
  • external.

The former involves predicting the number where the ball will stop. If a player wins, the maximum winning can reach 35 to 1. External bets are the guesses of the sector color where the ball will be. The payout in such a case is one-to-one.

The complexity of roulette is an advantage over the player. Some gamblers make the mistake of thinking that the odds of winning are 50/50. In fact, because of the presence of single and double zeros, the probability of success is significantly reduced. To avoid losing your whole bankroll when playing with real money, you should carefully study the existing strategies.


It is the least expected game on the list, as players can expect to hit big winnings. However, it should be understood that this is not the kind of entertainment where you can become the owner of easy earnings. Learning the basics of poker can actually be relatively simple, but the theory is always less challenging than practice.

One difficulty is the choice of the form of the game. There are lots of varieties of poker today. Each of them has its own special rules. The second reason for it to be considered one of the hardest games to play is tough competition. Unlike other entertainment options, poker has a contest story. It is harder for users of online casinos to suppress their emotions and focus on the game when they find themselves in a highly competitive environment.

Beginners are advised to start their way into gambling with less complex games. The smart idea is to play slot machines and bingo or baccarat. It is recommended to take advantage of demo versions of online slots. Thanks to them, the user can learn the game’s rules efficiently and develop their own betting strategies. They can also check the RTP rate of the machine. Gamblers do not need to invest personal money to play. All bets are made by using virtual currency.


Blackjack is the hardest casino game to deal with. Many people think it has easy rules, but in fact, there are lots of pitfalls. It is also difficult to win in such entertainment options as roulette and poker. Successful experience requires learning the rules, using strategies, and practicing all the time.

What is the Hardest Game to Win in Casino