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What is the comparison between synthesis and analysis?

What is the comparison between synthesis and analysis?


Comparison and Synthesis Analysis

The world does not distort, but the values and morals of human nature. People always have a lot to think about. But people can change their opinion about one thing or a person based on many things. There are many factors that can influence a person’s change of opinion at this time. After I read “How to Tell a True War Story” and “My Father’s English”, I got some ideas.drawback. The disadvantages of video games far outweigh their advantages.

A person will have many different ideas in the face of a thing, depending on which idea you want to bias, which opinion will occupy your brain and dominate your brain to occupy the edge of thinking and action to dominate your whole person. For war, people are always brutal, bloody and dead. “War is hell” sounds abstract and true.

The blocks of understanding that occupy people’s minds are also cruel and demonic. For example, in the article “How to Tell a True War Story”, the attitude of some soldiers to deal with death is the attitude of dying eagerly, while others face it with pride, and some soldiers face it with humor or manliness.

Everyone’s brain has different ideas that take over and become the dominant mode of thinking. In “My Father’s English”, the author still thinks different accents are incompatible in her head after she works. But the children around him are from different cultures, and the author feels that they are worth protecting. At this time the author’s mind is to accept the diversity of accent occupied most of the mind. The author’s transformation of one thing is the recognition from one thing to another. So there was a big change in thinking for the author. Everyone has their own different thoughts, when one thought occupies another small thought. Then the person’s mind supports this idea.

People in different environment will be influenced by different, thus have different views. Environment is very important to people.

The two articles “How to Tell a True War Story” use Lemon’s death as a love Story. Keep the reader immersed in Lemon’s story. But we use the normal thinking in daily life to understand this thing, I really can’t think of this is a romantic story. In war, the sword is blind and anything can happen. Grenades, bullets they’re all dangerous and deadly things.

In this article, the author uses a third-person perspective to tell a story, which brings readers into the environment described by the author and makes people feel like they are there. So that people no longer fear war. The readers have gone from being afraid of the word “war” to feeling cured after reading O ‘Brien’s article. In “My Father’s English”, the author narrates the whole article in the first person. She was ashamed of her father’s accent. As she grew up, she found many children with the same diverse accents as her father as she worked. Then she changed her mind.

The author feels that these children deserve to be proud of themselves and to be protected from the verbal attacks of other native speakers. This is because children embrace diverse histories rather than trying to hide their backgrounds. They deserve to be proud of themselves. At that moment, the author realized his own father. She no longer felt ashamed of her father’s accent. That’s what happens to people in different environments.

The people around can influence a person’s outlook.

In the article “How to Tell a True War Story”, the soldiers were very desperate during the War. But some soldiers would tell stories in a joking way during the war. They have a very euphemistic way of describing death. For example, words like “greasy” and “lit” and “naked” were used to describe death. This can affect the fear of other soldiers in the war. In “My Father’s English”, the author often heard people around him speak authentic English when he was young, but his Father spoke English with many accents.

At this time, he studied English harder because of the influence of people around him. Later, when he grew up, he found that the children around him were all diverse in English, and the influence of these children on him made him know that English is diverse. People have a great capacity for empathy. People around are very important, they affect a person’s happiness and sorrow.

In two essays, one tells a first-person account of her perspective change from childhood to adulthood. Another tells the story of war in the third person. Both articles imply that as long as we are facing things with different state of mind and different state of mind. Things are as bright as you think they are.

Written by Jiatong Li

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What is the comparison between synthesis and analysis?