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What is the brief history of Mastercard?

What is the brief history of Mastercard?

Overlapping discs, overlaid with words, master charge, the interbank card. In the bottom right, small Interbank I logo.
1969–1979, featuring the original Interbank logo of 1966

Mastercard is a global payment technology company that provides payment solutions to customers worldwide. Here is a brief history of the company:

1966: Firstly, Mastercard becomes founded as “Interbank Card Association” by several California banks to compete with Bank of America‘s BankAmericard, which later became Visa. Moreover, the first card, called Master Charge, issued in 1969.

1979: Furthermore, the company changed its name to “Mastercard” to better reflect its global presence.

Same discs, overlaid with MasterCard in bold

1980: Mastercard introduced the first debit card, which allowed cardholders to access funds directly from their checking accounts.

Discs are not overlapped but intersecting, with thin horizontal lines from each side interlaced

1997: Additionally, Mastercard went public and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Discs are interlaced, but with fewer but thicker horizontal prongs. Typeface has drop-shadow.
Corporate 1996–2006, on cards 1996–2016

2002: Furthermore, Mastercard launches Maestro, a global debit brand that operates in over 100 countries.

2006: Mastercard introduced PayPass, a contactless payment technology that allows customers to make purchases by tapping their card or device on a terminal.

Overlapping discs are overlaid with two larger, variably translucent discs. Wordmark below.
Corporate logo 2006–2016

2013: Mastercard acquired Travelex’s prepaid card program and entered the prepaid market.

2016: Mastercard acquired VocaLink, moreover, a payment technology company that operates the UK’s real-time payments system.

2019: Mastercard launched its Priceless Cities program, which offers exclusive experiences and offers to Mastercard cardholders in cities around the world.

In conclusion, today, Mastercard is one of the largest payment technology companies in the world. Moreover, with operations in more than 200 countries and territories. And lastly its products and services become used by millions of consumers and businesses every day.

Mastercard logo used since January 7, 2019.

What is the brief history of Mastercard?

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