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What Is The Biggest Planet Ever Discovered? Is It A New Planet Orbiting Two Extremely Hot Stars?

This artist’s impression shows a close up of the planet b Centauri b, which orbits a binary system with mass at least six times that of the Sun. This is the most massive and hottest planet-hosting star system found to date. The planet is ten times as massive as Jupiter and orbits the two-star system at 100 times the distance Jupiter orbits the Sun.

What Is The Biggest Planet Ever Discovered? Scientists are reveling over the new discovery a planet 10 times larger than Jupiter.

Moreover, this massive planet orbits two stars in a distant solar system. Furthermore, at only 15 million years old. It is quite a young star to be orbiting vs our own sun at 4.6 billion years old.

These ultra hot suns emit 3 times the heat and solar rays as our sun!

The leader of the study. In addition, the author Markus Janson, a professor of astronomy at the Swedish Stockholm University released the following in a prepared statement:

“Finding a planet around b Centauri was very exciting since it completely changes the picture about massive stars as planet hosts.”

“B-type stars are generally considered quite destructive and dangerous environments, so it was believed that it should be exceedingly difficult. To form large planets around them.”

Furthermore, Janson said:

“It will be an intriguing task to try to figure out how it might have formed, which is a mystery at the moment.”

How harsh is this environment?

Could it possibly support human life or would the transit to the new system take too long?

Moreover, will this new find be able to add intelligence to our current missions to Mars? Will SpaceX, NASA and Blue Origin learn from this discovery?

In conclusion, how many other planets are out there that we can not find? The director of the Hubble Space Telescope told Rebellion:

There are almost an infinite number of planets out there that we have not discovered.

NASA Astronaut Tom Jones

What Is The Biggest Planet Ever Discovered?

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