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What is the best law firm in Australia?

What is the best law firm in Australia?

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Contact A Professional Law Firm in Australia

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No Australian court makes hiring attorneys mandatory for people involved in a legal matter. While minor issues can be won without the help of legal experts, if you are involved in severe legal implications – such as a legal dispute, it’s better to let Australia’s most trusted law firm handle the case. But why?

That’s because to defend yourself in any legal situation effectively, you must first know Australia’s law. But, it is more complicated for any commoner to understand what a law states and its consequences.

Here are the top reasons why hiring a lawyer is crucial if you are accused of a crime in Australia – 

1: Australian Law is Complicated

Australian law is complicated. It is also why most attorneys only specialise in one department.

For example, domestic violence cases fall under the Commonwealth’s Family Law Act 1975 (Family Law Act). Depending on the type of crime, the accused can be sentenced to at least two years of imprisonment, if not a lifetime. 

As you see, two years of imprisonment and lifetime imprisonment significantly differ. If you think you were falsely accused of domestic violence, then only a professional lawyer can save you. It’s wise to avoid taking the risk on your own.

2: Chances of Increased Expenses without a Lawyer

A criminal case will determine whether you need to spend time behind bars. However, if it is a civil case, it might hurt you financially. 

In both cases, not having a lawyer to fight for you can prove costly, considering the dire consequences. Besides, you might be surprised that civil attorneys from reputed firms don’t charge a penny unless your case is won. Also, you can claim legal fees as a plaintiff, so it can be concluded that hiring a lawyer will save you money.

3: Lawyers are Experts in Challenging Evidence

There may be evidence against you that has been found by the rival lawyer. But did you know that you can challenge the evidence with an expert lawyer aiding your case?

Professional and experienced lawyers know how evidence can be improperly obtained or framed to charge a person. Their expertise and skills can also determine if any witness contradicts an earlier statement by the opposite party. 

Your attorney will look for subtle and minimal flaws in the evidence to suppress it from going against your favour.

4: Get Complete Legal Help from Day One

Those new to legal rules and regulations might need help with deadlines and abide by different protocols. For example, filling a form improperly or with incorrect information can prove very costly. Worst case scenario, the legal proceeding can be delayed, or the case goes against your favour. Hence, hiring a lawyer is wise in these situations.

Final Thoughts

In Australia, there were 40,907 people in custody in September 2022. The numbers show a 1% increase from June’s crime rate index. Of them, many cases have later proved to be wrong. Therefore, you need Australia’s most trusted law firm if you want to save yourself from unavoidable consequences. Look for a professional law firm today.

What is the best law firm in Australia?