What Is Artificial Intelligence Investing?

Is it better than human investing and how does it work?

What Is Artificial Intelligence Investing? Artificial Intelligence brings the ideas of the Terminator and C-3PO to mind. Intelligent assistants on the road of life. But, with a very harmful potential. Not so different from almost anything else that is special in life.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to read data from all over the world to make decisions that are the most logical. Moreover, a consistent and sound approach to a situation. As opposed to a human being who will rely on his or her passions and feelings. Both of which are usually money losers in the world of investing.

In fact, Fidelity found that in looking at their clients over a 75 year history. The best-performing clients turned out to be the ones who had forgotten about their accounts. As a result, had made as few trades as possible. The Fidelity brokers had only sold stocks when they were bought out.

So humans are not ideal for the stock marekt, by their natural composition.

In fact, research consistently shows that most humans and professional managers lost to the market. Furthermore, they lost the market consistently over time.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t perfect. But, losses can be predicted. In regards to an expected outcome as a percentage of overall investing years.

A good Ai will be right 58-70% of the time.
But, over 10 years, that means 3 to 4.2 years will suffer from negative alpha.

So it is not perfect. But, nothing in life is perfect. And when considering Artificial Intelligence investing as a relative choice. In conclusion, to quote the book and film series, The Hunger Games, the “odds will be in your favor.”

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What Is Artificial Intelligence Investing? What Is Artificial Intelligence Investing?