What Does Certified Background Screening Even Mean?

What Does Certified Background Screening Even Mean?

Background screening, also known as a background check, is the process of gathering and analysing a variety of employment, educational, criminal, financial, and other data about a person or organisation in order to assess that person for a position. 

Background checks let you make informed recruiting decisions that will ultimately save your company time and money. It’s simple to obtain the knowledge you need to make knowledgeable judgments about onboarding, thanks to the diversity of services accessible. 

Background checks significantly reduce workplace issues like employee theft, sexual harassment, aggression in the workplace, financial fraud, and drug usage while on the job.

Simply said, background checks are crucial to ensuring that the people you hire mesh well with your culture. Another advantage is that reducing turnover through background screening is ensured. 

What Is A Certified Background Screening Firm?

With over 2100 businesses providing background check services, employee screening is a multi-billion dollar market. 

It is essential to have a trustworthy method of weeding out trustworthy individuals, and PBSA accreditation greatly aids in doing just that. Your list of possible background check vendors will be substantially shorter and more focused if you limit it to only PBSA-accredited businesses. 

You will also have a very solid foundation—one you can trust—thanks to the PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) accreditation. You can check to discover if a background check company has gained accreditation rather than having to determine whether it is legitimate or competent.

Why Is Certification Important?

The 2003-founded PBSA describes itself as a non-profit trade association that “exists to foster excellence in the screening profession.” It is seen positively when an organisation’s primary goal is greatness! 

Furthermore, the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) of the PBSA is widely regarded as the industry benchmark. Accredited background screening companies have proven their dedication to reaching excellence through high professional standards with accountability, leading to continuing institutional progress.

Certified Screening Firms Show Their Ethics   

The PBSA does not grant accreditation for “vanity” purposes. The true deal is this. The background check company is tested in order to become accredited. There is no pre-existing “in.” 

As stated in the PBSA, “Firms must initially and continuously comply with the accreditation standard created by the Background Screening Credentialing Council in order to become recognized (BSCC). 

Strict on-site audits are used to prove compliance, and they are all carried out by a third-party independent auditor. Firms are obliged to provide the auditor with clear evidence of their compliance with their policies by documenting all of their policies and procedures in accordance with the Standard.”

The PBSA tackles the possibility of prejudice in its FAQs by saying: “The BSCC receives applications in a “blind” manner. Each application is given a special identification number made up of a combination of numbers and letters when it is received at the PBSA office. This number is used on all ensuing audit letters, votes, discussions, and other things brought to the BSCC.” 

In other words, if a background check provider receives accreditation, it is because they are deserving of the distinction.

The Value Of Partnering With A Certified Background Screening Firm

There are background check specialists in place to give the public secure places and work. At the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and state attorney general enforcement actions control professional background screeners. 

Screeners must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state privacy and consumer protection legislation. Professional background checkers and employers are required to offer consumers the highest level of protection under the FCRA, which has been in effect since the 1970s.

To ensure that companies have a complete picture of those who enter workplaces. The profession employs thousands of people and spends huge sums of money. Professional background checks are the most thorough, accurate, and fair approach for employers to make decisions about potential employees, thanks to a combination of federal and state rules and regulations, competitive market forces, and other factors.

How Can You Find Out If A Company Is Certified?

  • Check for a PBSA Accreditation 

The Professional Background Screening Association is a nationwide organisation committed to elevating the background screening sector’s standards of excellence. Every five years, providers must undergo a rigorous series of audits to receive PBSA certification. 

You may be sure you’re working with a well-regarded service if you see the PBSA seal of approval. This adds an additional layer of defence against lawsuits alleging irresponsible hiring, inappropriate employment choices, and compliance problems. 

Using the PBSA Directory search engine, you may quickly identify an accredited company. Keep in mind that only 6% of American background screening businesses have obtained PBSA Accreditation.

SOC 2 Certification 

All businesses, even those that outsource their background check program, are concerned about information security. This is understandable given that improper data handling, particularly by application and network security providers. Can expose businesses to threats, including malware installation, extortion, and data theft. 

An SOC 2 auditing technique verifies that your background check service keeps your data securely to safeguard your business’s interests and its clients’ privacy. SOC 2 compliance is a minimum criterion for providers for security-conscious businesses. 

Personalised FCRA Certification 

The legislation that controls the fairness, accuracy and privacy of consumer information. Moreover, is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You are in charge of protecting the confidentiality of the employee’s personal information when running a background check on them. 

Professionals in background screening who have acquired FCRA Certification do so to show that they and their business are committed to industry compliance.

At the end of the day, well-executed background checks will give you knowledge about the backgrounds. In addition, personalities of your potential workers. Additionally, you may see their employment history, which can help you understand their work patterns. A mutual understanding of expectations can be reached between you and the candidate, thanks to thorough screening. 

In conclusion, with the help of a reliable background screening partner. Moreover, you can assess whether a potential hire is a good fit for your particular business. Employee retention is particularly well suited to this decision.

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What Does Certified Background Screening Even Mean?