What Caused The Seven Years War

What Caused The Seven Years War

What Caused The Seven Years War : The seven years war is better known as the French Indian War.

George Washington was really someone who was a major player in this war.

In fact, Washington started the war by having hostilities when he shouldn’t have.

Unfortunately Washington started out as less than a hero. Washington was a 22 year old major in the Virginia militia with no military experience of any sort beyond marching around Virginia. 

British settlers had grown the original 13 colonies and began to move into and claim land in the wilderness West of those counties out in Western Pennsylvania and in the Ohio territory. Butl, the French had already claimed those lands and they started setting up forts along the Ohio river.

The governor of Virginia, which was the largest and most powerful colony at the time, decided that it was trying to stop to French intrusions and sent Washington. 

Washington and his men came upon a little clutch of French and Indians camped out about 58 and ordered his men to slaughter them.

That was not a wise thing to do.

Then Washington in retreat built a camp Fort Necessity in a ‘saucer’ of land rather than a hilltop. And then, so, so that theoretically you would see the enemy coming over the lips of the saucer and pick them off. 

A ‘saucer’ of land makes for a good ski resort, but it does not seem to make for a very good strategic place and so a troop of Indians and French troops in retaliation for Washington’s attack, slaughtered Washington’s men who were helpless in Fort Necessity. 

It’s fair to say, Washington started the world’s first truly global world war. A world war, multi continent, or one between multi continent player when Washington fired those shots and set off the ensuing Seven Years War.

Though Washington might have provided the spark to start the Seven Years War, it was really an outgrowth of the war of the Austrian succession.

What Caused The Seven Years War

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