What Are The Limits Of Engineering?

What Are The Limits Of Engineering? To maintain a hunting posture, an American Kestrel bird flies into, and at the same speed as, the oncoming wind. Furthermore, the current of air passing over its wings provides the lift it needs.

Humans are incapable of engineering to that level of perfection. We can’t come anywhere near touching the walls of our physical dimensions. We manufacture aerofoils without the micro-adaptivity and flexibility of feathered wings. 

Any autonomous drone will almost certainly run out of power unless it’s solar powered. Moreover, in a somewhat cloudless sky, we can store sufficient energy overnight to be operable in the night. But, in times of bad weather how are our autonomous drones to operate?

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The bird will need no check up over its life, can reproduce, raise its young, perform low latency advanced pattern recognition without energy intensive compute resources, can adaptively grow its memory and adapt its body to an environment, and has a much more advanced approach to the bias-variance trade off, based on mood and physiological effects which we don’t yet understand. 

Additionally many species can migrate thousands of miles in spectacular group formations. 

In conclusion, man’s total engineering efforts to date are laughable. When you take a step back and compare it to natur. Lastly, putting ‘artificial’ next to intelligence is like putting the words ‘cruel free’ next to ‘slaughter’. We did not create any of this intelligence, we have simply copied what we have learned from nature and programmed it into electric boxes for easy output.

Man is still at the dawn of the dawn of artificial intelligence and computer engineering development. But, we look forward to a bright future.

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What Are The Limits Of Engineering?