What are the Essential Tips for Moving with Kids?

What are the Essential Tips for Moving with Kids?

Movers in Salt Lake City, 1911

Moving to a new home or rental house can be overwhelming especially if you have children. The process in itself, such as costs of moving, organizing new home furniture and decor, getting rid of old things and then to top it off, if you have school-going children who have to move away from their friends and leave the neighborhood they have known since they have come of age may get even more arduous.

As such moving is not only a herculean task because of the packing and moving of house furniture. But also convincing your kids about the decision you have made of moving to a new location. Thus, before moving it is crucial to plan for a smooth transition for your kids. And this planning might put into consideration the ages of your kids, their level of involvement, and potential childcare. Keep reading to learn how to plan for moving with kids and the essential tips for moving with kids.

How to plan for moving with Your Kids

Early movers from 1885, Montréal, Québec
Planning to move with your kids is slightly different from moving alone to a new home. Below are a few ways you can plan to move with your kids:
  1. a) Be open and Honest. If your kids have come of age, it is best to sit down with them and explicitly explain to them what is happening so that they can know why you are moving, and when you are moving, and get a sense of what the moving process would look like. Reassure them that everything will be fine and that you are ready to listen to them.
  2. b) Involve kids in your move. This helps them feel like they are part of the process and will also help you save time on the packing process. If they are too young you can look for ways to ensure that they are entertained throughout the whole moving process.
  3. c) Take kids to visit the new town. Before moving to the new home, it is imperative that you take your children on a mini-vacation to the new town you are moving to. Have a thorough visit to various sites of the town especially local parks, playgrounds, and ice cream shops. This will help your kids adjust faster when you move to the new neighborhood.
  4. d) Talk to other parents. You can enlist the advice of other parents through various social networking sites like Facebook groups or Instagram. Talking to other parents in the new neighborhood can help you plan on your move with your kids and can also help you get new friends for your children.
  5. e) Take enough time. Since the transition to a new home is bound by unlimited uncertainties. Like sickness or visits from old friends and colleagues. It is important not to cut things like visits from friends and relatives. You just need to take your time to transition from your old home to the new one. There is no need to rush.
Top Four Essential Tips for Moving with Kids

Children, whether young or old, are the most affected by moving from one neighborhood to a new one since this means losing childhood friends they have been attached to for years. Therefore, it means you need to have a way to ensure a seamless transition to the new neighborhood.

Below are the top five essential tips for moving with kids:
  1. You can hire childcare. If you have toddlers that may need constant care. It is important that you look for a nanny or childcare services that will look after your kid while you do the packing and moving seamlessly.
  2. Provide incentives to your kids for help. While most kids do not like packing or cleaning, offering them some incentives like picking items for their room when they help you with cleaning can help them get involved.
  3. Create to-do lists for your children. You can make a simple to-do list for your kids and this might include basic tasks. Such as packing their stuff and deciding which toys and clothes to keep. And which ones to dispose of as well as cleaning their new room.
  4. Donate old clothes and toys. There are several toys and clothes that your kids may no longer be using and it is only important that you donate them to others. The fact that those toys and clothes may have outlived their usefulness in your home doesn’t mean they cannot help other parents.
  5. Plan a home visit to see old friends. Since your children will be moving away from their friends to a new neighborhood. It is essential to plan for a home visit to check up on old friends. Home visits to visit old friends will be essential. For giving your children the necessary peace of mind they need to settle in the new home they have moved to. It also helps your kids realize that after all, they have not lost their childhood friends.
The Bottomline

Moving to a new home or house is a huge step not only for you but also for your kids. It is especially difficult for your school-going children. Since they have to change schools and also leave behind their childhood friends. Therefore, you need an elaborate plan like the one highlighted above to effect a seamless transition to the new home.


What are the Essential Tips for Moving with Kids?