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Future Of War

Future Of War


An Educational Conference Looking at the Future of Warfare!
Washington DC, October 25th, 2023


Powered by Rebellion Research

Washington, DC

October 2023

07.00 – Registration 

08.45 – Opening Address from the Chairs: US Navy Rear Admiral Scott Sanders & Conference Host Rebellion Research CEO, Alexander Fleiss

08.50 – Opening Address: Safeguarding our Oceans: Is the Carrier Obsolete? US Navy Rear Admiral Scott Sanders

9:35 – PANEL DISCUSSIONWhat is the Future of Policing the World?

Moderator: Johns Hopkins Professor Jim Liew

US Navy SEAL George Hodgin

10.20 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Is there a Future to the Battleship?

Panelists: Ryan Szimanski, Director, Battleship New Jersey & Battleship Cove Executive Director Meghan Rathbun

11.05 – Break

11.15 – KEYNOTE Speech: General George Washington’s Transformation of Warfare, Yale Law School’s Professor Logan Beirne (Logan’s book Blood of Tyrants: George Washington and the Forging of the Presidency, won the Colby Award for best military history)

12.00 – LUNCH

12.55 – KEYNOTE Speech: Accelerated Cumulative Warfare at Sea & the Bi-model Navy Concept in Peace & War, Jeff Kline, Naval Postgraduate School Professor, fmr Director Naval Warfare Studies Institute, Deputy Operations & USS Cushing Commanding Officer

1.40 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Special Operations Warfare, Michael Pregent, Former US Army Intelligence Officer, Fellow, Huson Institute

Tara Maller, Fmr CIA Analyst, MIT Teacher & McKinsey Senior Risk Advisor

Fall Of Afghanistan

2.25 – Break

3:10 – PANEL DISCUSSION: What is the Future of the Tank & Ground Warfare?

Moderator: US Army Colonel & Paratrooper Dave Fivecoat

US Navy SEAL & MATBOCK CEO Sean Matson, Dr. Geoff Lindsell Assistant Professor United States Naval Academy, Leadership Instructor United States Marine Corp

3.55 – KEYNOTE SPEECH: Future of Cyber Warfare CIA Deputy Director Jennifer Ewbank

4.30 – PANEL DISCUSSION: What can we learn from Midway? US Navy Rear Admiral Sam Cox

5.05 – CONCLUDING KEYNOTE : Learning Tactics From Battle

US Navy Rear Admiral Peg Klein

5.30 – Conference Concludes

Future Of War