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Virtual Music Competition

Sound Espressivo Virtual Music Competition – A Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s Guide To Mastery,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.png.

Virtual Music Competition Fascinated with the concept of mastery – which at times meets the celebratory status of fame and success – we tend to indulge our thirst for wisdom with Masterclass, or similar compilations, building on the concept of learning from the best, like Wondrium

But what if we learn more from mistakes by pupils than their masters? From the process, rather than the ultimate achievement of artistic proficiency…. and from other mortals – like ourselves – searching for that ambiguous goal, which only rarely reveals itself through the broad unanimity of its judges?

When it comes to the goal of mastery, are we not rather all sorcerer’s apprentices, looking for that evasive magical inspiration and can only recognize it, when we hear it….?

In the world of virtual music competitions, Sound Espressivo aims to ensure that as many apprentices as it takes are heard, by its growing virtual audiences. 

Platforms were built and technology put in place, that allows for all nuanced musical expressions to be conveyed with the highest sound bite quality, minus its – much feared in musical productions – time delayed projection. 

Based on TV technology, Sound Espressivo’s Second Edition 2021 is based on its innovative first installment that attracted a million of viewers. Moreover, offering musicians an opportunity to perform on a LIVE and professionally produced virtual stage via an Internet TV Broadcast.,h_422,al_c,q_20/file.jpg

Broadcasting services are provided by Virtual Concert Halls, a Virginia, US – based public broadcasting company. With a focus on music, arts, culture, and education. Founded and managed by professional musicians, SEC hopes to empower artists of every instrument. Furthermore, all walks of life, giving them an opportunity to be heard by worldwide audiences.

Here is an introduction to the process on their YouTube Channel. Each broadcast is available on a wide network of video and social media platforms. Making the event sharable and inviting comments from audience members, while offering feedback. And guidance from respected critics, veterans in their field, around the world.

The process to compete is in – and by itself a proving ground. One for artists to learn how to connect and to present well, during performance. Sound Espressivo is extending this experience exponentially, by creating a world-stage for our technical, present day global environment. 

Performers can partake in the competition from any place in the world with internet connectivity. And – supported by the technical team and artistic advisors – create their own concert hall experience.

For this year’s second installment of the competition, complete with compelling winners’ prizes, an easy application process, possibly leading to dress rehearsal for any artist’s career launch, is available until November 30th. 

In conclusion, explore the host of events surrounding the competition that feature attending guest speakers from the industry. In addition, a prestigious panel of the jury. Lastly, for the application and more details please visit on the Sound Espressivo site. 

Written by Ilona Oltuski
Original publication:

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