Verizon Fios

Is Verizon Fios The Best Internet Option In America?

Verizon Fios The question on many consumer’s minds regards internet. Moreover, what is the best internet to choose for your work or household?

Verizon’s new offering, entitled Verizon Fios, claims to have multiple of speed compared with DSL. Yes, that is true. Verizon Fios is much faster than typical cable lines. However, cable lines were built to carry television waves. In addition, Fios was not built with any concern for television, only internet.

So the bad news!

Verizon’s Fios offering provides poor television pictures. Furthermore, television screens will be inundated with fuzzy pictures or freezing of images. Many families are more concerned with television than internet speed. Often the internet speeds required of a family will be minimal when you break it down. Husband or wife will need to access their work’s server to download papers they need to look over at home.

In addition, what do children need internet for?

School work does not require high speeds for your internet. And shopping on Amazon which is a category that affects both the parents of a household and the children does not require high speeds.

In conclusion, the home apparatus that requires the highest internet speeds are video games!!

So if mom or dad loves to play with Mario and Luigi. Or your children are hooked on one of the new games of the week, then yes, consider Verizon!

For a dedicated family of gamers there is no better choice.

Lastly, however, if you are a dedicated family of tv watchers, then quite frankly Verizon Fios is too expensive and unneccessary for your consideration!

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