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USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

12 Jan 1943 A view from above of the Wisconsin while she was being built.

Wisconsin BB-64 firing one of her 16”/50 guns from turret #1 during her shakedown cruise in 1944 below:

LIFE Magazine Archives – Dmitri Kessel Photographer

Being refueled 1944

Wisconsin is tied up outboard of the hull of Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor Navy Yard on 11 November 1944. Note the great difference in the length of the two battleships.

By this time, it was already decided that the Oklahoma would not be fixed and put back into service, but rather she was to be salvaged for whatever useful materials left. She had been decommissioned on 1 September 1944, and all remaining armaments and superstructure were in the process of being removed.

The unfinished USS Kentucky being moved to the scrapyard after her bow was removed to repair the Wisconsin.  After receiving Kentucky’s bow the Wisconsin received the nickname Big Whisky.

The damage to Wisconsin was due to a collision with the USS Eaton in heavy fog.

USS Wisconsin at the Naval Weapons Station Earle, New Jersey 1990

Launched on the 2nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor, this 887-foot monster stuck around all the way until 1991. This is it looming over the streets of Norfolk, VA. 
On 17 October 1996 the Wisconsin (BB-64) being towed to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to be mothballed for a possible reactivation. In my opinion the Wisconsin should been kept in active service as much as possible for fast deployment missions. Photograph by Robert J. Sitar USN (Retd.).
USS Buck (DD-761), USS Wisconsin (BB-64) and USS Saint Paul (CA-73) Steaming in close formation during operations off the Korean coast. Photo is dated 22 February 1952. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

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