USS Hardhead (SS-365)

USS Hardhead (SS-365) was a Balao-class submarine.

Hardhead was first laid down at the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on July 7, 1943, launched on December 12, 1943, and commissioned into the U.S. Navy on April 18, 1944. 

USS Hardhead (SS-365) conducted 6 war patrols during World War II, and sank the Japanese light cruiser Natori on August 18, 1944 while on her first war patrol.

Off the Philadelphia Navy Yard on May 28, 1964
USS Hardhead (SS-365) on her sea trials on Lake Michigan, April 1944.
USS Hardhead (SS-365), being launched at the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on December 12, 1943. USS Hardhead (SS-365) 

Greek submarine Papanikolis (S-114), the former Hardhead, in service with the Hellenic Navy, around 1972,

On November 25th 1943, Hardhead attacked a Japanese convoy 60 miles west of Manila and sank Coast Defense Vessel No.38 off Bataan Peninsula while USS Atule (SS 403) sank the Japanese freighter Santos Maru off Sabtang Island, Luzon. Also, USS Mingo (SS 261) sinks Japanese army transport Manila Maru.

A print done by I. R. Lloyd of Hardhead sinking the Japanese light cruiser Natori east of San Bernardino Strait on August 18, 1944 during her first war patrol.

During the attack, Hardhead hit Natori with 2 torpedoes (one Mark 23 torpedo in the first torpedo salvo and one Mark 18 torpedo in the second torpedo salvo), and Natori sank with 330 men (including the captain) going down with her.

She was finally sent to the scrap yards in 2000, after over half a century of patrol!

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