USS Clamagore to be Scrapped & Dismantled by Patriot’s Point

Patch from USS Clamagore (SS-343)

USS Clamagore to be Scrapped & Dismantled by Patriot’s Point

Patriots Point & their Executive Director, Dr. Rorie Cartier’s explanation on the move:

“Unfortunately, we cannot financially sustain the maintenance of three historic vessels. The USS Yorktown and USS Laffey also need repair, and we are fighting a never-ending battle against the corrosion that comes from being submerged in saltwater.”

USS Clamagore, 24 November 2003 (the three distinctive shark-fin domes are the PUFFS sonar).

“There are increased environmental risks the longer the submarine remains at Patriots Point…Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, are present throughout much of the vessel and exceed levels allowed by the EPA. There are also more than 500 lead batteries, weighing nearly one-and-a-half tons each, that need to be removed…the vast majority of the steel will be used to make new products, lowering the demand for mined iron ore and reducing energy costs in the steelmaking process.”

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The sub has been docked at Patriot’s Point since 1981, 6 years after its decommissioned in 1975. The cost to restore the submarine was approaching $10million, funds the museum would rather dedicate to the USS Yorktown. The jewel of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. The USS Clamagore will have been the only submarine of its design that was still preserved in the US. Commissioned in 1945 as a Balao-class submarine, then eventually converted into a Guppy II then III configuration. She will be missed. Patriot’s Point will have a goodbye ceremony for the public.

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Clamagore (SS-343) being launched at Electric Boat Company, Groton, Connecticut. Miss Mary Jane Jacobs, daughter of Vice Admiral Randall Jacobs, USN, Chief of Naval Personnel, smashing bottle of champagne on bow. Clamagore serves as a museum ship at Patriot’s Point, Charleston, South Carolina. Photographed on 25 February 1945.
Starboard photo of the Clamagore (SS-343) in 1946. She operated off Key West with various fleet units and with the Fleet Sonar School, voyaging on occasion to Cuba and the Virgin Islands until 5 December 1947, when she entered Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for modernization and installation of snorkel.
Clamagore (SS-343) entering Havana Harbor, circa 1947.
“Commander J. F. Bauer, says good-bye to crew of the submarine Clamagore (SS-343) before turning over command to Lt. Commander T. B. Denegre, who stands at his left. Conning tower is behind group of officers. The Clamagore, which has been at the Philadelphia Naval Base, leaves for duty with the Atlantic Fleet.”
Clamagore (SS-343) at sea on 8 February 1952.
Clamagore (SS-343) against pier, Tiru (SS-416)Blenny (SS-324) & Albacore (AGSS-569), circa late 1970’s at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
Sub Ron 8Clamagore (SS-343),(front) Cobbler (SS-344) on her starboard side Corporal (SS-346) on her port side, Blenny (SS-324) bringing up the rear. Circa 1968-71, location unknown.
USS Clamagore (SS-343) sometime after her GUPPY conversion, circa post 1948.

USS Clamagore to be Scrapped & Dismantled by Patriot’s Point

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