United States Navy : Open Questions for the US Navy

United States Navy : Open Questions for the US Navy

United States Navy : Open Questions for the US Navy : 1) How does the US military plan to protect aircraft carriers from hypersonic weapons fielded by Russia and China?

2) The Navy tested an electronic railgun on ships a few years ago. What advantages does an electronic weapon like a railgun provide over conventional munitions?

United States Navy

3) How has the Navy protected its personnel from the COVID-19 virus when working in such tight spaces?

4) The Navy has its own hurricane modeling technology. When did that come into use and how does it differ from other commercial modeling technologies?

5) What two future naval technologies and/or vehicles offer the greatest potential for improving American naval operations?

6) Does the Space Force enhance any naval operations capability and if so, how?

7) How does the Navy protect its ability to use AI and other electronic tools without being exposed to foreign hacking?

8) The Ddx program was an embarrassment. How will the US find a replacement for the Arleigh Burke class?  

9) The last 3 decades have been awful for surface ship development.  

10) We’re still churning out burkes which were state of the art in the 1980s. Why?

11) The big problem is the new Zumwalt class destroyers are proving to be extremely expensive, and their new gun is literally too expensive to shoot! How do we remedy this?

One of many reasons we stopped building them. What do we do about that?

How will the United States Navy keep up with the Chinese Navy’s jump headlong into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and uses for robotics?

Will the United States continue to build Aircraft Carriers as large as the Nimitz class and will the USS Gerald Ford be the future of the fleet?

United States Navy : Open Questions for the US Navy

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