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Type 100 Chinese Submarine : World’s Largest Submarine?

Type 100 Chinese Submarine : Military Jokes about Type-100 Submarine

Type 100 Chinese Submarine : The Russian Typhoon class nuclear submarine is the record holder of the largest volume and tonnage submarine in the world.

This record has not been broken so far.

The 941 nuclear submarines, NATO code named typhoon class nuclear submarine, is the largest ballistic missile submarine in the Soviet Union and the largest submarine built by human beings in the world so far, completed by the Ruby Design Bureau.

The submarine is a typical product of the cold war, and its design purpose is “mutual guarantee and destruction principle”.

Compared with its rival, the Ohio class of the United States, its size is nearly twice that of the latter, but its nuclear projection capability is inferior to that of the latter. But after all, relying on its huge cabin volume, the navy can comfortably stay in the sea area near the enemy for a long time.

It is equipped with 20 missile launch tubes and loaded with SS-N-20 ballistic missiles. It has a range of 8300 kilometers, allowing the typhoon to hit any target in the same hemisphere as it.

The well-known foreign military information website “Navy news” released a piece of “heavy news” on April 1, saying that China has built the world’s largest super submarine, and Russia’s “typhoon” class nuclear submarines in service are dwarfed by it.

But from the comprehensive content of the article, this is a confusing April Fool’s holiday news.

So the Typhoon class submarine is still the largest one in the world. China’s new submarine, known as the “100 type”, is equipped with 48 submarine launched ballistic missiles and can carry huge nuclear powered torpedoes, “Navy news” said this in the report.

There is also a “hangar” at the rear of the submarine, enabling it to accommodate a smaller submarine. It even uses “submarine God” to describe this super submarine. According to the website, the submarine was officially launched on the same day.

It was also named “Sunzi” class after Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese military strategist. In the article, a satellite photo with obvious PS traces was attached, and the specific parameters of the submarine size were listed: the length of the submarine was about 210 meters, and the width was about 30 meters. At the same time, in the article, the author also compares this “new Chinese submarine” with the largest nuclear submarine of the United States and Russia.

The report says that although the specific displacement of this new submarine is not clear, by contrast, the length of Russia’s largest nuclear submarine “typhoon” is only 175 meters, so the displacement of the new submarine is certainly larger than the 48000 ton “typhoon” class. From this point of view, this submarine is three to four times the size of the Ohio class nuclear submarine of the US Navy.

The report also said that the missile carrying capacity of this submarine is twice that of the Ohio class nuclear submarine, reaching to 48, and the range of these missiles is “unlimited”, which is difficult to counter with existing weapons.

What’s more, the article emphasizes how big the submarine is, but latter suddenly “changes its writing style”, and pointlessly says that the submarine is “just the right size” because it can just pass through the Suez Canal, which is crucial, “because China increasingly regards the Mediterranean Sea as its border with the West.” In addition to submarine performance, “Navy news” also talked about its use, claiming that the new submarine may be used in the Arctic because “China considers itself a country close to the Arctic” and wants to use the Arctic ice sheet to protect the maritime nuclear deterrent.

For this report of “Navy news”, Taiwan’s “Zhongshi electronic news” used the term “surprising” to describe. According to the “Zhongshi electronic news”, although the “Navy news” was very well written, the satellite images mentioned in the article were not exposed, and the media outside China rarely reported on the matter.

Taiwan media said that according to their understanding, this “news” is actually a “special report” of the website for April Fool’s day, and the “behind the scenes” is the author of the website’s editor and contribution, U.S. submarine expert Sarton. In fact, as long as we carefully study, we can find that this report of “Navy news” is full of mistakes and omissions.

The new submarine model and level are not in line with the naming rules of China’s navy equipment, and all kinds of new technologies mentioned are also illusory. The purpose of the submarine is even more illogical.

At the end of the article, the submarine will be the core of the 100th anniversary parade of the Communist Party of China in July.

However, major general Li Jun, assistant director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, previously introduced that according to the relevant arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, no military parade was arranged in the centennial celebration of the founding of the party.

Therefore, I don’t think there is such a Type-100 submarine in China.

Written by Xinying Lai

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