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Why The Twitter CEO Change Might Be Even Worse Than Some Fear!

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced his resignation as CEO of Twitter yesterday. In addition, Dorsey will step down from the board of directors of Twitter by May of 2022. As a result of this decision, Dorsey and Twitter have announced that their CTO will become the new CEO.

Who is this new CEO? Parag Agrawal.

Parag attended Stanford after the Indian Institute of Technology at Bombay. Furthermore, Parag researched at Microsoft, Yahoo and AT&T. Pretty impressive. Then he spent a decade at Twitter. A highly political company that has rewarded an adherence to company culture, in addition to work performance.

Twitter is the same company that suspended a sitting US President and would not publish The New York Post’s tweet based on their own ‘feelings’ regarding the POLITICS.

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We don’t want corporations getting involved in politics.

It will be a simple and pathetic virture signalling to the lower ranks. That is what man does. We want corporations to give away large sums of capital to needy causes. But, for the corporations to manage policy regarding what is right politically, is simply to enact that current CEO’s politics as righteous.

In this case. Parag Agrawal has tweeted that all white men are racist.

Is that acceptable for the CEO of a major corporation? You can decide for yourself.

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