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Tornado Warning Near Me : The Growth Of The American Tornado

Tornado Warning Near Me Over the last 70 years has the United States has seen a growth in deadly tornado attacks? Made famous by the Hollywood movie, The Wizard Of Oz, a deadly tornado attack has gone from that of movie myth and legend to next door reality recently.

What was once a more estranged phenomenon found around farms in the midwest is hitting homes in urban environments such as Brooklyn, New York.

We just covered the terrible tornado attack that devastated an Amazon warehouse in Illinois a few days ago: Amazon Building Collapse (

But, overall deadly tornado attacks seem to be down. See this chart from the NOAA:

But are deadly attacks down because building structures are stronger than 70 years ago?

However, if we look at the below chart of annual Kansas tornadoes from 1950 to 2009, this tells a different story. Moreoever, one that is rather on the frightening side from a weather climate perspective.

And in conclusion, this below chart really shows the growth of the tornado in the United States. One that seems to be consistently. Can we correlate this growth with a weakening climate and increase in fossil fuel emissions?

The Amazon warehouse collapse might have been a warning that the growth of tornado attacks are here to stay. In addition, this is a new normal that we must adapt to. But, an additional reason for our planet to focus on cleaning up our environment.

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However, some say that when our earth enters a natural cooling phase, the overall earth will have fewer weather issues. As a warmer earth contributes to weather phenomenon. So if the earth does enter a cooling phase, as many thought we might 50 years ago, this may be our saving grace from the deadly tornado attack. Otherwise, this is something we are going to have to live with.

Tornado Warning Near Me