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Top Secrets Behind an AI Video Upscaler

Top Secrets Behind an AI Video Upscaler

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Do you know you can now easily upscale your low-quality videos to high-quality ones by using an AI video upscaler? Yes, this is now possible with just one click by using an AI-powered video upscaler. You can not only crop video or perform basic edits to it but you can also upscale it. You may have heard some myths about using this incredible tool for upscaling your videos. Thus, this article will help you find out the truth behind those myths and help you learn the benefits of using AI video upscaler. So, let’s start!

Truths and Myths Behind AI Video Upscaler

Here are some common myths about a video upscaler that needs correction through the actual facts. Let’s have a look at them. 

  1. Affects the video quality

It is a myth circulating among people that a video upscaling tool affects or lowers the video quality. However, the truth is that a video upscaler enhances the video’s quality instead of lowering it. 

  1. Fades away the colors

Another myth about using a video upscaler is that it fades away the colors in the resulting video. This is also wrong because a video upscaler doesn’t fade the colors but it makes them look more vibrant. 

  1. Neglects the precise details

Similarly, you may fear that upscaling a video would damage its pixels. As a result, the video would fail to preserve any precise details, and so on. However, this is also a myth because a video upscaler always pays special attention to preserving minor and precise details. 

  1. It is costly

You can say it is a myth too because not all video upscaler are costly with premium subscriptions. Instead there are some free video upscaler tools such as CapCut which is free to use for everyone. 

Benefits of Using AI Video Upscaler

Now that you know what is true about video upscalers and what is not, let’s look at their benefits now. 

  • Upscale to 4k

A video upscaler like CapCut is so powerful that it can upscale your video up to 4k which is surprising. While upscaling the video, it makes sure that the video quality remains intact and colors don’t fade. Instead, the resulting video is of high-quality with greater pixels and a high level of vibrancy. 

  • Deblurs the video

A common issue with simple random videos is that they often contain blurred parts. At other times, all of the video is blurred due to any issue with the recording camera. By using this video upscaler, you can easily deblur your video to enjoy clarity and transparency.  

  • Add original details

Many video editing tools and editors make the original details vanish in the resulting videos. However, a video upscaler like CapCut pays more attention to this and guarantees to add the original details. 

  • Boosts engagement

An AI-based video upscaler also significantly boosts the engagement and attractiveness of a video. It is especially useful if you are upscaling a video for marketing and branding purposes. Besides, it can also help you in preserving your family memories in high-quality, or saving your educational/office videos, etc. 

  • Support multiple contexts

One of the best features of CapCut AI video upscaler is that it benefits you by supporting multiple contexts. You can use it regardless of the video type or regardless of which device you are using. Similarly, it also allows you to save your upscaled video to any format you want. 

  • Free to use

Moreover, this incredible AI-based video upscaler is free to use without any hidden charges. No matter how many videos you want to upscale, you can do it for free. Additionally, there is no yearly fee or any type of subscription or premium account charge. 

  • Saves time and energy

Finally, an AI video upscaler saves your time as well as energy. You can upscale your videos with just one click without spending plenty of time doing so. 

How to Use CapCut’s AI Video Upscaler?

AI-based video upscaling is the most simple and easiest task. To use CapCut Ai video upscaler, you have to follow only these four simple steps. 

  • Step 1: Signup for free

You must sign up before you use the AI video upscaler at CapCut online editor. Signup here is free and doesn’t require you to enter your bank account details or your credit card details.  

  • Step 2: Upload low-quality video

After signup to the website, sign in to your account and move to the homepage. Click on the “AI video upscaler” through magic tools to access the video upscaling workspace. There, drag and drop the video that you want to upload for upscaling purposes. Besides drag and drop feature, you can also upload the video from the cloud, dropbox, or google drive. Similarly, you may also choose one from the given sample videos to text the tool first. 

  • Step3:  Upscale video

In this step, you need to select the resolution to which you want to upscale your video. For this, you will see different options on the right side of your screen. Choose any one of these and click on “Upscale”. It will start generating an upscaled video to a better resolution and a better quality. 

  • Step 4: Download upscaled video

This final step is to download your video to your computer. To do so, click on export and then download. It also gives you the option to share your video to other platforms e.g. TikTok. It’s up to you if you want to share or simply download it and move on. To make further edits, click on “Go back to edits” or move to create a new one.


Upscaling a video has never been so earlier than now. Today, you can use any great AI-based video upscaler as CapCut to quickly and instantly upscale your video up to 4k. It doesn’t only upscale your video but also improves quality, engagement, vibrancy, clarity, and aesthetics. On top of everything, this video upscaler is free to use and won’t require you to pay any fee. So, feel free to upscale as many videos as you want and enjoy the final results!

Top Secrets Behind an AI Video Upscaler